Why Heavy Pruning Is Important For Florida Landscaping

Building covered in foliage needs heavy pruning
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Part of what makes Florida so enticing is its wide array of flora that’s hard to find in other parts of the country. With Tampa Bay’s diverse wildlife and greenery, heavy pruning can feel counterintuitive when managing a lush, tropical setting of your own.

Thankfully, our Tampa Bay landscaping company has over 15 years in the business, so we consider ourselves experts when it comes to vegetation in Florida. And who better than expert commercial landscape services to take care of your property management company’s heavy pruning?

What Is Heavy Pruning?

Most property managers are familiar with the concept of pruning or needing to trim back branches and stems on trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers. Regular pruning means only cutting off around two to four inches of plant growth to promote healthy growth. 

On the other hand, heavy pruning entails removing at least six inches of dead or overgrown areas on a plant, shrub, or tree. In some instances, as much as a foot of growth needs to be cut off to allow the flora to revive itself. 

Of course, since we’re here in Florida, heavy pruning takes on a whole other level of drama and can see much more than a foot of growth removed when needed.

commercial building avoids heavy pruning
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Why Does Landscaping Need Heavy Pruning?

Heavy pruning is necessary for landscaped areas for a few different reasons. Besides the need to trim plants and shrubs to “clean up” the look of the landscaping, heavy pruning also revives the greenery and encourages new growth.

Rejuvenates and Resizes Plants

Intentionally cutting and resizing plant growth is the same as when you get a haircut. When plants are carefully and thoughtfully trimmed back, it allows them to look and feel rejuvenated. 

This process refreshes the plants aesthetically and physically, making the landscaping look clean and well-kept. Some plants or trees only need heavy pruning once a year, while others require more frequent attention to maintain their look and health. 

Promotes New and Healthy Growth

While mowing the lawn isn’t exactly heavy pruning, the purpose behind it is the same. Imagine if your grass went uncut for more than a few weeks—it would become not just overgrown but likely start to develop illnesses, turn yellow or brown, and invite all sorts of pests for nesting. 

Cutting the grass doesn’t just have aesthetic value but also encourages continual healthy growth. 

For many other plant species, such as flowers, shrubs, and trees, heavy pruning allows the growth a chance to redirect its energy to the more vital parts of the plant, making it healthier and more vibrant. When dead or dying parts of a plant remain connected to the base, they can cause disease or other adverse reactions that affect the whole plant. 

With heavy pruning, though, it’s not just the unpleasant parts of the plant that get removed. Plants often grow too big too fast, so taking away some of that additional growth is better for the plant’s overall health and wellness. 

Plus, all of the lovely Florida sunshine we receive encourages many species to go above and beyond their limits, even if it’s not what is best for their circumstances. 

When Should Heavy Pruning Be Avoided?

Just because something grows well in Florida doesn’t mean it requires heavy pruning. Some plants are great at doing this job themselves, while others need assistance once or twice each year. Professionals from commercial landscape services will know which plants to prune and how much to take off without causing any damage.  

We like to schedule heavy pruning jobs during the summertime (before hurricane season hits) or the rainy season. By performing heavy pruning at these times, the plants have a chance to rejuvenate quickly before encountering rougher weather.

Scheduling appropriately is important not just for the survival of our landscapes and the aesthetic pleasure they yield but to protect the habitat so much of our wildlife knows as home.

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