8 Tips for Watering Your Lawn the Right Way

sprinkler tips for watering your lawn

Do you want to keep the lawn green throughout summer and maintain a good irrigation system so you can enjoy playing, or even working, outside? Healthy grass increase curb appeal, too. 

However, watering your lawn properly can be pricey and time-consuming, so you want to make sure you do it the right way, for the right amount of time. We’ve rounded up all the tips you need to learn how to water your lawn efficiently like a pro.  

Tips For Watering Your Lawn

1.    How Long You Should You Water Your Lawn For Depends On Your Lawn

On average, it takes about one hour a week of water to give your grass the proper amount of water. Rather than watering once a week for an hour, the most efficient way is to water three times a week for 20 minutes.

But it can vary depending on your yard. The goal is to get one inch of water per week. You can figure out how long it takes for your yard by placing a plastic bucket or bowl in your yard and timing how long it takes to get to a half-inch.

2. Rung Sprinklers in Each Zone For 30 – 35 Minutes

Good irrigation system maintenance is key to keeping your grass green in the summer. Typically, it is best to water each zone in your lawn for 30 minutes about twice a week. 

You do not need to run sprinklers every day because this will not allow the roots to grow deeper; rather, focus on watering less frequently for longer periods of time. The hotter it gets, the longer you should let your water run.

Also, make sure you water evenly across your entire lawn. You can test this by setting up different containers around the lawn to make sure each section is getting the same amount of water.

3. Water Your Grass More Often When It’s Hot

You do not have to water your grass every day when it’s hot, but you do need to water more often than you would in the winter months. Watering your grass every day is a common mistake, but it can waste water and money, attract insects, and prevent your roots from getting deeper.

When it’s hot, prioritize getting water deeper over frequency. Aim to get at least one inch of water deep every time you water, and you may only need to water one to three times a week, even during the hottest months of the year.

4. Best Time to Water Your Lawn in the Summer (& Always) is Morning

The best time of day to water your lawn in the summer is before 10 am, but after the sun comes up because it’s still cooler, so grassroots can absorb water before it evaporates, and there will be less wind.

If you absolutely have to water in the evenings, then the ideal time is between 4 pm and 6 pm, so that the grass can dry before it gets dark.

5. Water After Lawn Mowing

You can water your lawn right after mowing; however, if you mow in the middle of the day then much of the water will evaporate. So, it’s ideal to mow your lawn and then water right afterward in the morning, between 6 am and 10 am.

Granted, not everyone can do this repeatedly in the mornings, so if you need to you can always call in a professional landscaper who can mow and water your lawn at the ideal times. Or you can set your irrigation system on a timer to automatically water.

6. Keep the Soil Healthy

Your lawn will not absorb water as well as it could without having healthy soil. Well-cultivated soil will help drain and retain the right amount of water so that your grass can get it in the roots.

If your soil doesn’t have sufficient drainage, the soil will get waterlogged and on the other hand, if it drains too much your grass will not have enough water, and the soil will get dry.

7. Adjust Watering During Different Seasons

While the summer months are typically much hotter, there are times with heavy rainfall, so you don’t want to leave your lawn irrigation system in summer settings year-round. Good irrigation system maintenance involves changing your settings at least with each season, but ideally every month.

Take advantage of the rainy season by holding back on how much you are watering. You can also water less frequently in colder months, with just once or twice a week achieving the same amount of water as watering three times a week in the summer.

8. Check For Signs that Your Lawn Has Been Watered Enough

You can tell if your lawn has been watered enough based on looks and the screwdriver test. First, if you’re keeping your lawn green in summer and it still looks lush and healthy in July or August then it probably is getting watered enough.

But you can also check if you are watering your grass enough by submerging a screwdriver in your lawn. If you can sink it down half a foot easily, then it’s getting enough water. If it’s difficult to insert the screwdriver, then you probably need to start watering more.

When to Call a Pro

Watering your lawn properly is like taking care of houseplants; too much water and you could drown it, too little water and it will dry up and die. It can be hard to maintain on your own and quite frankly, it’s really time-consuming.

You can ensure you are watering your lawn properly and keeping grass green in summer by partnering with a professional landscaping company. Professor Green Thumb has extensive experience providing superior landscaping in the Tampa Bay Area since 2004. We’re a local landscaping company that you can count on – just read some of our reviews! Get a free consultation to help keep your lawn green today.

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