Professional Lawn Service: The Key To Property Management

cityscapes exemplifies why professional maintenance is essential to property management

If you’re involved in property management, then you might know that landscaping has a huge impact on the value of your investment. Believe it or not, adding a few attractive plants, trees, shrubs, and fresh turf can go a long way toward improving the value of your property.

However, the benefits of landscaping go a lot further than simply helping these spaces to look more attractive. They also serve a practical purpose by improving drainage and providing natural protection for your buildings against wind and other weather conditions.

Whether you are managing one or multiple commercial properties, you likely want to attract more tenants, visitors, and customers. Working with a full service commercial landscaping company can be extremely beneficial to your success. When done right, it signals to your tenants and the public that you care enough about your properties to keep them well maintained.

Commercial landscaping should be right at the top of your building maintenance checklist. Here are some of the reasons why property maintenance is essential to property management: 

Improved Safety and Security

Making sure that your walkways are in good repair and clear of debris ensures that people and vehicles moving around your property can do so safely. Adding landscaping lighting not only creates ambiance but is also another great way to ensure that your tenants, employees, and visitors don’t stumble while walking in the dark. 

Keeping your lawn, trees, and shrubs well maintained is also important because it is one of the best ways to prevent crime. If these features become overgrown, it may be an indication to criminals that the property is not occupied regularly.

The upkeep of your property is not a responsibility that should be left to your tenants. Hire a commercial property maintenance service to keep grass and other greenery trimmed and weed-free.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Investing in the health of your landscaping is also an easy way to improve your overall property value. The exterior of your building is a representation of your brand. It speaks volumes to your clients and customers. Keeping your grounds well maintained can drastically improve your curb appeal.

Connect with a commercial landscaping service in St. Petersburg to get a professional design plan put together for your trees, plants, shrubs, and lawn. They will also be able to help you to create a memorable entrance by incorporating lighting and various hardscape elements to your design.

Minimized Pest Activity

Most property managers may not realize that landscaping design and maintenance is necessary to be able to minimize pest activity.

Here are some of the ways that having proper landscaping can help to make a difference for your commercial property when it comes to pests: 

Avoiding Plant-Feeding Insects

Not every plant, shrub, or tree is going to work for your property. By consulting with a commercial landscaper, you can learn what landscape plants to avoid, as they attract aphids and other plant-eating critters. A professional can help you make sure that you’re purchasing the right vegetation for your specific growing zone and climate, while avoiding things that will bring more critters around. 

Removing Overgrown Shrubbery

Trees and shrubbery that are allowed to grow out of control serve as highways for pests to travel across and enter your property. Nuisance wildlife like rodents, squirrels, and even raccoons like to hide in overgrown turf and garden plants as they look for ways to get into your building.

It’s best to keep trees and landscape branches professionally trimmed to limit pest activity. You should also keep grass cut, leaves raked, and all outdoor areas free of debris. 

Keeping Thirsty Pests Away

Mulch is an important tool for helping the ground retain its moisture. The problem is that pests like termites love the moisture just as much as your plants do. To keep thirsty pests away, your ground mulch should be kept 4-6 inches from your foundation. When applying new mulch to your landscape, old mulch should first be removed to avoid build-up. 


Preventing a Breeding Ground for Pests

Every organism needs water to survive and that includes plants and pests. A professional landscaper can assist you in installing a sprinkler system at the proper distance from your building’s foundation.

Water from downspouts and gutters can also create an issue if it is allowed to pool around your foundation. If your property has any of these features, it is important to keep them well maintained. Rainfall that collects on the ground, in plant trays, in birdbaths, or in other areas could become breeding grounds for pests. Your landscaper will make sure that your property is well managed with the proper drainage to avoid these concerns.

Supporting Sustainability

Going green is a great way to improve sustainability for your property. For example, incorporating native plants saves you more money, time, and resources, as they have evolved over the years to their current habitat. This means that they will hold water much better than non-native species might. They can also adapt to survive the average amount of precipitation that the St. Petersburg area typically experiences.

Native plants are better able to withstand harsh weather conditions and are more resistant to disease. By incorporating native plants into your landscaping plan, you’ll also help to restore the natural habitat —- something that many wildlife creatures depend on for survival.

Another way to support sustainability is by ensuring that parking lots and other hard surface areas are able to channel rainwater into watersheds so that it does not pool on your property and cause issues down the road. 

Weather and Climate Considerations

Season lengths, rainfall, soil types, and temperatures all vary depending on the region. And even with this taken into consideration, there are still “micro-climates” to think about. It’s best to create a plan with your commercial landscaper to adjust for these different factors. You should work with a local team that is familiar with the St. Petersburg area and the local environment so that you choose the right plants, trees, and shrubs. 

Commercial Landscaping Service in St. Petersburg, Florida

If you want to create a cutting-edge landscape design that is also functional for your commercial property, call the professionals at Professor Green Thumb. We are a locally owned company, so we know how to create the perfect designs to highlight the best features of your property. 

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