Tampa Landscape Design: Love These 3 Simple Tips

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The aesthetics of your lawn are important to you. Sometimes it takes more than planting a tree here, a row of shrubs there, and waiting for the grass to grow! Landscape design is an art. From picking the perfect plants to the fine details of lighting, paving, and fence design, the Professor Green Thumb team will help you create a landscaping masterpiece.

We know that Tampa Bay real estate comes in all sizes and configurations. A St. Pete commercial property with storefront tenants will have very different needs than a South Tampa residence. Fortunately, our ideas are as boundless and creative as the project’s property. Collaborating with your vision makes for the most successful design process.

Whether you have acres to work with or a dozen square feet, landscaping by Professor Green Thumb is transformative. Working with both native and exotic plants, our designers add color and texture to your yard, patio, and entranceways. The total transformation can include decorative rocks and stones, wooden structures, and latticework – just about anything! Landscape design – including garden and backyard pond design – embraces your needs and vision, producing a functional outdoor space that benefits your senses as well.

The Logistics of Landscape Design in Tampa Bay

Whether in St. Petersburg, Tampa, or Clearwater landscaping should be handled by licensed professionals with multi-level crews familiar with indigenous as well as non-native plants, flora growth patterns, and seasonal needs. Florida flora requirements are different from those in any other state. Of course, planting varies by zone within the state. Therefore, it’s best to consult with a professional landscaper familiar with your local area.

Landscape Illumination: The Light Stuff

When your ideal landscape design includes extensive lighting – strong, subtle, or practical illumination – Professor Green Thumb can make it happen. When installed along a footpath, recessed lights add charm, elegance, and safety. Likewise, a couple of well-placed, unobtrusive spotlights can add nighttime beauty to sculptured landscape art, or a favorite tree. Ultimately, you want to safely enjoy your lawn, its walkways, and structures, even when the sunsets.

Follow Your Pathway

Do your plant beds and lawn ornaments create the perfect design for a winding pathway? Paver installation will not only give your yard a special touch, but it will create a safer, cleaner route to your door. This ensures that your guests and family members arrive at the front door without trudging through the yard, hence tracking footprints throughout the house.

There are many materials to choose from when designing your walkway. Brick and concrete are two of the most popular choices along with interlocking pavers of various sizes and designs. To learn specific tips read our article about paver installation.  Land height, water retention, and sun exposure are just a few considerations to take when deciding on pathway placement and material. Fortunately, the Tampa Bay Area hosts many different styles of pavers.

Make New Friends?

We’ve all heard the adage: Fences make good neighbors. They may even make friends you never knew you had. We encourage contracting a professional to install your new fence. However, we know how many DIYers are in the Tampa Bay Area that are up for a challenge. So many in fact that we wrote an article on fence installation just for them.

Keep in mind similar considerations when choosing fencing material as you do when choosing walkway material. The same principles apply.

Does French Make It Fancy?

We’ve reviewed lighting, paving, and fencing which leads us to drainage. This connection might seem like a broad leap. However, if you’ve seen a French drain, you know there’s something about the length, maybe, or the gravel and stones that resemble pathways. Furthermore, they can be illuminated for safety and even serve as a barrier. So, we’ve added bonus tip #4.

You’ve likely seen this type of drainage on the golf course. Perhaps your neighbor has a French drain, but it’s so attractive you don’t realize that’s it’s a drainage system hard at work. If you have a spot on your property that’s a constant source of water retention, then consider your options. A few of our favorite choices include planting water-loving shrubs and trees, creating a paved or gravel space for socializing, and installing a French drain.

so many choices with landscape design

Schedule A Free Consultation

For over twenty years, we have helped Tampa Bay Area property owners realize their ideal commercial and residential landscaping objectives. As your local landscape design company, Professor Green Thumb believes each project is an opportunity to add something new and beautiful to our hometown. The smiles we see when our clients fall back in love with their outdoor space keep us going.

Let’s talk about landscape design and what it can do for you. Contact or call the professionals at Professor Green Thumb at (727) 473-3311 today!

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