St. Pete Spring Landscape: 4 Beautiful Yard Ideas

a tricycle and flower pot show st. pete spring landscape

Spring is in the air, and those of us in the Burg are out of the house and ready to play. So let’s spruce up that St. Pete spring landscape and enjoy quality time with loved ones at home or coworkers at the office. These fetching yard ideas are for both residential and commercial properties to shake the frost and welcome spring with a breezy glow.

This list of ideas is meant to be scaled to fit your landscape size and the project budget. The projects can be done solo, as a family fun activity, or as a corporate team-building task. Just have fun and let the springtimes roll!

1. Make a Passion Focal Point 

Love to sew? Mountain bike? Play chess? Add your hobby to your spring landscape. Chalk paint (and weather-proof) that vintage sewing table, then convert it into a potting station. Make it a planter for a vining flower to crawl down. 

Those bike frames rusting in the dark corner of your garage? Polish them up and fence off a garden bed with adventures from the trails. Or maybe you collect vintage cars?

If you’re a commercial property, you could add an outdoor game that your employees would enjoy or choose inspiration from your industry. A bowling alley headquarters, for instance, might fill a planter with antique headpins. For team building, each member could decorate a bowling ball with small mosaic tiles and glass to add to the gardens.

Trying to get things out of the house but not quite ready to give them up? Let your kids choose a favorite toy to make as a focal point for the garden to last through summer. Have them share their memories, pick an appropriate flower or shrub, and enjoy the extended farewell.

2. Add A Pollinator Area 

Spring is a terrific time to add a pollinator area to your landscape. Commonly known as butterfly gardens, pollinator gardens help attract various pollinators like bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Since these pollinators are local or on their migration route they are drawn to Florida native plants, which happen to need less water and fertilizers. They’re also gorgeous if we don’t say so ourselves. 

A few of our favorite natives are tropical sage, plumbago, and native milkweed. We’ve written a little about tropical sage before. This beautiful hummingbird magnet is also opportunistic, meaning that it self-pollinates. Tropical sage does not take over but it does casually spread in time. Being so beautiful, and having the superpower to reseed from red to pink or white, most gardeners don’t mind. They also make nice gifts. 

A self-sufficient shrub once established, plumbago adds a delightful periwinkle to the spring landscape and attracts all types of bees and butterflies. The swallowtails are particularly fond of this plant. Native milkweed is perhaps best known for drawing in the monarchs. It’s their host plant, and without it, the larva would not be able to develop into a butterfly. 

In addition, pollinator areas add much-needed environments for our native wildlife, including ourselves. They’re nice respites from the busy world, quiet places save the hums to watch small wings flutter from colorful petal to colorful petal. Decorate them with craft projects made with the family or corporate team building such as stepping stones, painted rocks, and bird feeders. Or install a larger piece like a decorative bench, Roman fountain, or a reflective ball. Large or small, pollinator gardens are a beautiful addition to any spring landscape. You can find out more by visiting the Florida Native Plant Society.

3. Add A Tree To Your Spring Landscape

There are several reasons to plant a tree. A tree can improve the soil, store carbon, provide shade, regulate temperature extremes, increase wildlife habitat and improve the land’s capacity to adapt to climate change. 

pink dogwood tree displays a lovely spring landscape
Public domain CC0 photo, pink dogwood tree.

Okay, so it’s good for the environment and you’d be giving Mother Earth a hug. Adding a tree to your spring landscape is also good for you, who is technically the environment. It’s a fun project that you can mark as a ceremony. Name the ceremony: New Me Day; Family Oath Day; Company Growth Day. You could also name the tree.

Trees are pretty low maintenance once established, and boost your curb appeal. The joy a tree can bring to your landscape can last generations. It could be the founding tree your company plants, the oak you water with your toddler then swing your grandchild to sleep from, the cypress you plant at the start of the drive only to plant another each season thereafter until you reach the end. 

Choose a tree that speaks to you and your project. Maybe choose a tree just for Fido. A “Curb Your Human” area for our four-legged friends. Whatever you choose, let it add color and texture.

4. Make Fun, Spectacular Shapes

Whether you’re designing a new flower bed, edging a garden that may have merged with the yard (that also merged with the drive and the entranceway)–make shapes you love! Maybe play a little bit and create shapes you’ve never seen before. 

A squiggly walkway leads to an amoeba-shaped butterfly garden, who knows. Would a dog area shaped in a dog bone wag Fido’s tail? Would it rock the kids’ world to outline their playground in the shape of a spaceship? 

shapes make beautiful yards in the old world yard
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels
Animal topiary make fun shapes in beautiful spring landscape
Photo by Dele Oke on Unsplash 

Use your imagination with any one of these fun ideas. Spring in St. Pete is an amazing time to be on the planet–outdoors, making a fetching yard with the people we enjoy most…you can’t beat it. 

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