Spring Landscaping Tips: How To Colorfully Improve Commercial Property

colorful spring landscape

Imagine driving into a business center that only features brick or stone–no green plants or flowering perennials, nothing lively to welcome your visitors. Now add some color, some flowers, a blooming tree! Does this bring a smile to your face? Spring landscape should! This article will provide you with spring landscaping tips to improve your commercial property and bring a smile to all who visit.

A well-maintained, colorful landscape is a selling point for customers when they visit your business, rent your property, or enter your office park. No matter what type of commercial property you own, Professor Green Thumb takes our commercial landscaping service in St. Petersburg and the surrounding Tampa Bay area very seriously. We can add value and beauty to your property that will make your visitors feel welcome and at ease.

This is why we stay up-to-date on all the latest trends in landscaping and design no matter which season. We understand that your business operates year-round, so it should look and feel good to you and your customers all the time. 

Below are some vibrant landscaping options for Spring 2021 that will attract customers to your property.

Spring Landscaping Tips for the Tampa Bay Area

Whether you want to up your landscaping game in order to attract the best tenants and customers or show your clients that you care about their experience with a strong first impression, this article has you covered. 

Pretty Perennials and Native Plants

One of the hottest and easiest landscaping tips for property managers is flowering perennials, particularly if they are native to the region. Unlike annuals—which you have to plant every year—investing in some colorful perennials that will thrive in the subtropical Tampa Bay weather is a good investment. It will keep you from having to hire a professional to visit your property every year and dig up and plant new flowers. 

Another benefit of using perennials is that they flower in different seasons to ensure your property always has color. You will also save on your water usage and costs if you ditch the lawn for some subtropical appeal. Those aren’t just spring landscaping tips; they’re for every season.

In previous articles, we’ve written about lovely flowering vine options for our commercial clients in Florida. These are easy to maintain and beautiful options that can conceal weary parts of your property. 

Some great options for native perennial vines that thrive in our climate include: 

  • Flame vine
  • Coral honeysuckle
  • Morning glory
  • Crossvine
  • Dutchman’s pipe

Professor Green Thumb can provide a free estimate. Our landscapers are knowledgeable in native plants and flowers to Florida, as well as the birds, bees, and pollinators that depend on them for survival. Likewise, our professionals have solid working knowledge of Gulf weather and unique hardiness zones of coastal Florida.

Hardscapes and Softscapes

We couldn’t provide landscaping tips without including a section on hard and soft scaping. Hardscapes—such as concrete and other hard landscape materials—have become popular for business owners aiming to cut back on water consumption. These materials also ensure that customers have accessible spaces and points of entry on commercial properties. 

spring landscaping tips example from professor green thumb

Hardscapes are excellent for use in the building environment for your tenants and clients, particularly when you want to add some walking and seating elements to the flow of your property. They are, of course, the centerpieces of building entrances and can set the mood for what’s on the other side of the doors. Hardscapes can be colorful, monotone, asymmetrical—all depending on the company’s cultural tone.

Softscapes, however, are the winners for spring 2021, when we researched spring landscaping tips and trends. Softcapes, as the name implies, are physically soft. With this design, there is often a mixture of elements that work together to create a fluid space. For example, mulch and flowering ground cover are common foundational elements for a softscape. Depending on a customer’s desired preferences, other natural elements—such as flat paving stones for walking and native shrubs—will then be added throughout the mulch base.

Professor Green Thumb can assist you in your softscape planning and design process—from selecting the right foundation of mulch, soil, or turf, to design features, such as mulch colors, plants, and flowers. In terms of maintenance, we are proud to offer continued commercial property service for your softscape, including ongoing edging, weeding, and routine clean-up. 

Placemaking with Landscape Design and Lighting 

Another spring landscaping tip is placemaking. This is where Professor Green Thumb’s landscape designers and lighting professionals join creative forces. The art of placemaking is designing spaces on your property or within your office park where customers or employees congregate, work, or relax. Spaces with ample ventilation are crucial for wellness, and placemaking is how to realize these spaces.

The trick for successful placemaking design is to focus on elements that make people happy spending time in that space. It invites them to frequent your business. Many public spaces, such as parks, have been perfecting this art for decades by promoting walkable spaces through open street design, art, green spaces, and even urban gardening. 

At Professor Green Thumb, we like to show our commercial clients how much they can elevate their properties with beautiful native Florida shrubs, flowering perennials, shady trees, and key lighting along pathways and borders that really showcase the space. Our landscape designers and lighting specialists are happy to meet with you to show you how the landscaping tips in this article can be achieved for your unique situation. 

Let Professor Green Thumb Handle Your Commercial Landscaping Needs! 

Professor Green Thumb is pleased to offer commercial property maintenance service, from trimming and edging to mowing and weeding, for all business and property types. Our professional staff has the experience and knowledge in lighting installation and service, landscape design, and Tampa Bay Area weather and ecosystem to offer you. 

We can also customize our services to meet your commercial landscaping needs. A site visit will help us identify areas where perennials and softscapes will make your property shine. For more information on any of these landscaping tips or services, please contact us for a free estimate. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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