Professional Landscape Lighting


Illuminating an already stunning outdoor space is essential to ensuring your landscape's wow factor.

Professional landscape lighting is the next step to beautifying your upgraded landscape design. We find that many people are looking to highlight a particular pathway they have outlined in their yard. Illuminating walkways add beauty, elegance, and character to an already well-landscaped lawn.

Similarly, our St. Petersburg and Tampa neighbors like to accentuate their prominent yard-features such as fountains, statues, and art as well as majestic trees like the royal palms and grand oaks. Professor Green Thumb specializes in spotlighting your favorite property features so that you can enjoy the outdoor ambiance of your landscape at any hour.

Professional Landscape Lighting

One of the greater benefits that is often overlooked about landscape lighting is the added safety to a residence or commercial building. An illuminated area will deter potential intruders more often than not. You deserve the peace of mind our professionally installed landscape lighting will bring. Contact our professionals today or call our office at

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to learn more about how we can help make your property come to life.

Landscape lighting is an essential element of outdoor theming that can turn your Tampa Bay area house or office into a spectacle of technology and design. 

With the addition of illumination to your outdoor living and working spaces, you will be able to both enhance the appearance and improve the functionality of your home or business.

There are many types of fixtures available to use, and with the professional help of the Professor Green Thumb crew, you can select pristine fixtures that we will install, giving you an entirely new outlook on your space.

Landscape lighting is not just for residential homes, and our expert designers can create a highly functional and attractive layout that meets all of your needs.

What Kind Of Landscape Lighting Is Available?

Professor Green Thumb has assisted clients with everything from simple LED rope lighting along hedges to extravagant designs that show off trellises and pergolas alike.

Solar path lights have grown in popularity recently, especially given the powerful Florida sunshine. These are quick and easy choices, but for a more powerful, long-lasting shine, we recommend halogen or LED fixtures. 

LED and halogen lights offer brighter beams and more control over those brightness levels, plus they are incredibly energy-efficient, which can help lower your electricity bill. 

Regular incandescent bulbs burn out quickly and suck up a lot of energy, which means you will have to worry about replacing them and paying for higher energy usage. Incandescent options can necessitate excavation procedures that cause unnecessary damage, especially when you consider that LED or halogen elements could do a better job with less destruction. 

When you work with Professor Green Thumb, you will be able to create the perfect design, and you can enjoy your landscape lighting, worry-free.

Whether you need illumination for steps, decks, pools, or pathways, we can install spotlights, bullet lights, canister/well lights, wash lights, and more. Our designers will be able to suggest the kind of power source that would work best, given your St. Petersburg property, including low voltage and line voltage options.

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting

As beautiful as the Tampa Bay night sky is, it does not provide a sufficient amount of light throughout the entire year. You will need additional illumination to safely navigate your outdoor setting. Outdoor lights are excellent for a great many things, the top three of which are aesthetics, safety, and functionality.

Aesthetics. Properly placed lights can create an illuminated spectacle that highlights the architecture and arrangement of your terrain.

Safety. With proper illumination, you will be able to help prevent personal injuries like tripping over unseen objects in the dark. Strategically-placed beacons can also discourage criminal activity since no burglar would risk getting caught in the spotlight.

Functionality. Instead of calling the evening to a close once the sun has set (because there is no way to see), you can enjoy the beauty of St. Petersburg as late as you want. Relax by the pool at midnight without worrying if you are going to step on a pair of goggles that are hidden in shadow. Help guide your car into a parking space with perimeter illumination and avoid parking on the grass (like last time).

In addition to these essential benefits, landscape lighting can increase real estate value, create a professional appearance, and adds a level of comfort and confidence in an otherwise dark area. Read our article, “Professional Landscape Lighting Can Make All The Difference!” for a few extra tips.

Landscape Lighting: Not Just For Homes

Although single-family homes may be the first thing that pops into your head when imagining landscape lighting, there are truly endless ways that it can be used for all kinds of locations. Professor Green Thumb has helped a variety of clients in the Tampa Bay area, including commercial property types such as:

  • Condos
  • HOAs
  • Apartment complexes
  • Businesses
  • Office parks
  • School Areas

Call Professor Green Thumb For Exceptional Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is as unique as the individuals it shines for, and at Professor Green Thumb, we understand that. You will not find cookie-cutter designs and corner-cutting here. With a team of highly skilled professionals who have received extensive ongoing education in the field, you can rest assured knowing you will be receiving top-of-the-line assistance.

Our Best Management Practices certification ensures that our services are Florida-friendly and help protect and conserve our environment. If you are interested in shining a brand new light on your property in the Tampa area, give us a call today for a free estimate.

Why Us?

The professionals at Professor Green Thumb place a lot of importance on education, including learning innovative techniques and solutions for landscape installation. We have dedicated time and energy to the ins and outs of the industry and strive to stay on top of new and creative methods that not only make the process more efficient but also more effective and long-lasting.

We hire each member of our staff with the expectation of excellent customer service and concern for quality. Every landscape installation crew member is fully licensed and insured, so you will not have to worry about anything happening while we are on the job. Keeping your St. Petersburg home or office’s appearance at its best is our primary goal, so we leave no trace after the job is complete. 

All arborists and horticulturists on our team attend twelve months of schooling to ensure they have received the most comprehensive and in-depth training available. We take our expertise seriously and do whatever we can to bring our knowledge and skills to your residential and commercial properties.

But don’t take our word for it. Read the Google Reviews, or better yet, see for yourself.

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