Paver Installation: Boost Curb Appeal with These 3 Tips

long, bring path through the grass

One of the great things about living in a subtropical climate is the ability to create a beautiful, vibrant yard. Lush green plants and nearly year-round warm weather lend themselves to fabulous yards that entice and captivate passersby. Curb appeal is one of those things homeowners pride themselves on, and any way to enhance the look and feel of your yard is a great addition. You’ve added beautiful plants and shrubbery, your grass is perfectly cut and manicured, so what else can you do to differentiate your yard from the rest in St. Petersburg? Consider a paver installation!

These stone or concrete additions can add a unique, beautiful touch to your yard, create the perfect pathway, and add a little artistic flare. You can even create an entire driveway.

Add that Extra Touch with a Pathway

Do your plant beds and lawn ornaments create the perfect design for a winding pathway? Paver installation will not only give your yard a special touch, but it will also create an alternate route to your door. This is great for ensuring your guests and family members have another option to get to the front door without trudging through the yard. If you are pretty handy, installing a pathway made of pavers should be a relatively easy project with access to the right tools and instruction. St. Petersburg is ripe with different styles of pavers for pathways

Brick or Concrete? Choose the Right Material for You

Having the choice between brick and concrete adds a little versatility and uniqueness to your paver installation project. In order to choose the right material, think about which option will best suit your taste and the look of your home. Another variable to consider is cost. Concrete can be more cost-effective than brick, making the latter a better candidate if brick is the only style for you. Don’t forget to consider St. Petersburg’s characteristic weather, which can be damaging to certain materials. You will want to make sure you choose pavers to install that are resistant to color fading and cracking.

Choose Interlocking Paver Installation for Driveways

For the ultimate in curb appeal, consider revamping the one area of the yard that generally takes up the most space: the driveway. Ditching the standard concrete slabs for the driveway might just add that extra boost you’re looking for. Plenty of options exist when it comes to choosing a material for paver installation, and interlocking pavers are a great option. The fact that they interlock means they will stay in place, regardless of extensive use, and they will look great.

Redoing the driveways and parking lots is a big project, so make sure you give Professor Green Thumb a call at 727-417-3311!

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