Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas For A Stellar Florida Yard

Lights are one of many outdoor christmas decorating ideas
Photo by Steven Van Elk on Unsplash

While Christmas in Florida may feel a little differently than it does in areas up north that experience snow, there’s still plenty of reason to decorate during the month of December. The traditional evergreen Christmas tree isn’t something you’ll find as part of landscapes in Florida, but you can come up with creative ways to decorate the plants and foliage that you do have on your property. Here are some outdoor Christmas decorating ideas to get you started.

Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

Hang Christmas Lights Across The Roof And Down The Driveway

You can utilize Christmas lights on your home by attaching strings of lights to special clips that hook onto your gutters or siding. The most common method of decorating is to follow the lines of your home on the front façade. This would include across your roof, down the sides, and maybe even around your porch or garage door.

One problem that people in colder climates have, is their decorations eventually getting covered by snow when it precipitates. In Florida, you can line your driveway with Christmas lights and not have to be concerned with any inclement weather ruining the look. If you would like the lights to be up off the ground a little bit, place some wood stakes into the ground a few feet apart. The Christmas lights can stretch between these posts, wrapping around them once or twice to keep them in place.

Light Your Porch and Staircase

We mentioned above that you can light up your porch with Christmas lights. This is a great idea if you’re not keen on climbing up a ladder to string lights along your roof (Of course, you can do both—no such thing as too many lights). A popular choice is to keep the decorations condensed to the entryway. A string of about 100 lights is usually enough to go around your front door.

You may want to invest in anywhere from 500 to 700 lights if you’re going to be outlining the perimeter of your porch. Really long, wraparound porches will obviously require much more. Don’t forget to purchase a few strands to wind around the railings of your porch stairs.

Light Your Trees

Lighted front yard tree for the holiday
Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Turn your Florida residential landscaping into a Christmas wonderland by wrapping strings of lights around your trees, starting at the top and going all the way down to the bottom. If you have large palm trees on your property, you can use lights on just the trunk portion. Don’t forget about your small bushes and shrubs. They can be adorned with lights as well. Just make sure that you’re tucking the light strands far back enough into the tree branches that they are secure, but not too much that the light gets covered by the leaves.

Hang Large Ornaments, Lights, Or Faux Icicles From Tree Branches

You don’t need a spruce Christmas tree for ornaments and other accessories. You can hang things like large ornaments, decorative non-functioning light bulbs, and faux icicles from branches.

Because these decorations are hanging up outside, you will want to make sure you’re using something more secure than just lightweight hooks. Tying your decorations around the branches with string will keep them from falling off if a breeze comes through.

Cover Shrubs With Net Lights

Net lights have become popular in recent years thanks to how easy they are to use. This is essentially one big blanket of lights that you just place over the top of your shrubs. This eliminates having to fuss with a string of lights that keep getting tangled or is hard to wrap around large bushes.

Use Faux Snow

You’re unlikely to wake up to a white Christmas in Florida unless you take matters into your own hands. You can purchase spray containers of faux snow that can go on your windows or potentially even your shrubs (check the instructions before using). A little bit goes a long way toward a snowy white, winter wonderland.

Incorporate Plants into Your Holiday Decoration

Don’t leave your beloved plants out of your holiday decorations. You can utilize some festive varieties of potted plants like poinsettia and orchids on your porch or along your walkway. They’re also great for impromptu table decorations.

A hibiscus plant grows very large and blooms with rich, red flowers. They’re easy to take care of, and they look very festive around Christmas time. You can grow a hibiscus inside or outside, so it’s ideal for the month of December if you’re worried about low temperatures in the evening. You can simply bring your plant in for the time being.

Christmas cacti are a super festive option to show off around the holidays as well. At first glance, they don’t even look like a cactus because of their bright flowers, but they bloom through the end of winter and provide some nice greenery the rest of the year.

Christmas Cacti get their name because they're known to bloom on Christmas
(Christmas Cactus) Photo by Kostiantyn Vierkieiev on Unsplash

The Norfolk Island Pine has a very Christmas feel thanks to its spruce-like needles. It’s commonly grown in areas like Florida where the night temperatures don’t drop into the single digits. It can be grown (or taken) indoors, but it tends to thrive outside. If you have one in your yard or want to grow one, this is the perfect place to add some lights or ornaments.

tree ornaments is a fantastic way to make a festive Christmas yard display
Elina Fairytale

A begonia is a perennial flowering plant that features bright colors throughout the entire year. They thrive in warm temperatures with plenty of humidity and moist, well-draining soil. If you’re planning on using your begonia as part of your Christmas decorations, select a shade in the reds or whites. The red variety will give off a very festive vibe while white flowers could create a snowy feel.

We here at Professor Green Thumb love to get festive around Christmas time. We hope that some of our outdoor Christmas decorating ideas have gotten the wheels turning so you can have a spectacular presentation this year. Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding how you can transition some of your plants into holiday decorations, or what kind of care they need now that the temperatures in Florida are starting to get a bit cooler.

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