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Established in 2004, we've had the privilege of designing and planting the Tampa Bay Area's developing landscape.
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Services Include:

Commercial Landscape Design and Maintenance

We have years of experience working with property management teams, HOAs, and property owners themselves.  We understand that it can sometimes be a juggling act when it comes to maintaining commercial properties to ensure happy tenants and fully occupied spaces.

 Professor Green Thumb is a trusted lawn care and landscape service provider that has deep-rooted ties to other vendors throughout our community.

Whether you’re a corporate center, condominium, church, or school, you can trust that we get it Green Thumb and Done ™. 

Ready to simplify? Go to our Commercial Maintenance Page for a deeper look into our services.

Luxury Residential Landscape

Professor Green Thumb has the knowledge and experience to set up a residential landscape maintenance plan specific to your environment’s needs and execute it in a caring and skillful way.

A personalized landscape care program is essential to keeping your lawn and landscape healthy, happy, and looking its best year-round.

Ready for stunning lawn care? Visit our Luxury Residential Service Page and see how we can be of service.

Landscape Design and Maintenance

We provide comprehensive support that includes a wide variety of services such as lighting, pavers, and plant relocation. That way, you only have to hire one business for all of your needs!

In addition to providing top-notch landscape installation services, our crew is driven by environmentally conscious practices. Everything we do on the job aims to prevent waste and contamination. Our crew goes through extensive training, both in the classroom and in the field to provide services that are Florida-friendly.

See Our Landscape Design and Installation Page for a deeper look into our services.

Landscape Landscape Lighting

A great benefit that is often overlooked about landscape lighting is the added safety to a residence or commercial building. An illuminated area will deter potential intruders more often than not.

Visit our Professional Landscape Lighting Page to learn more about how we can help make your property come to life.

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