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red bridge, stones, and grass for local landscape features

A beautifully landscaped yard is a work of art. At Professor Green Thumb, we see every yard as a blank canvas. Among our local landscaping services is the ability to see through your eyes and make your vision a reality. Like most landscapers, we tend to paint with a green palette; if you desire a combination of colorful flowering plants with your green grass and shrubbery, we’re happy to oblige. 

Whether you’re a home or business owner who wants to spruce up your property in St. Petersburg, Professor Green Thumb has the solution to your landscaping needs. Beautification is our business.

Over the years, our team has created landscapes both large and small in an incredible variety of designs. With an ISA-certified arborist on staff, Professor Green Thumb’s local landscaping services include advice on trees that are indigenous to Florida and are known to do well in the humid St. Petersburg climate. 

Furthermore, some plants and shrubs have specific needs regarding water, sun, and food. In the long run, you want the plants you choose to thrive as well as look nice together! Our horticulturists are experts in the health and maintenance of plants that succeed in our unique ecosystem. You can choose a “wild Florida” look, or something more cultured and elegant. Professor Green Thumb makes it work.

From standing planters to compressed concrete pavers and a variety of fences, we offer a wide choice of aesthetically pleasing embellishments in an incredible assortment of styles and colors. Fences, whether for privacy or to reign in kids and pets, are available in wood and vinyl. We use pavers to create pathways, borders, and patios.

In St. Petersburg, Professor Green Thumb’s local landscaping services also include expert advice on lighting and its useful applications. You’d be surprised at how creative lighting can alter the mood of outside space at night. From spotlights highlighting specific trees to recessed lighting on either side of a stone pathway, the effect is dramatic. Likewise, potential intruders are likely to think twice when an outdoor area is well lit.

Our local landscaping services also include, of course, mulching, and maintenance. When the summer rains turn your landscaped oasis into something wet and wild, we’ll be back on site. Professor Green Thumb did the design and installation; therefore, we can restore it to a magnificent state in record time. St. Petersburg home and business owners have come to us with their landscaping dreams for more than 15 years. Let us help you create your masterpiece.

Consult with the landscaping experts at Professor Green Thumb by calling (727) 417-3311 or contact us.

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