5 Ways Landscaping Improves The Value Of Your Home

Luxury landscaping adds value to large home

There are many ways to superficially decorate the exterior of your home in order to improve its appearance and overall aesthetic. Some homeowners like to add decorative signs or flags to their front yard or even hang string lights, particularly during the holiday season. Though these practices can improve your own enjoyment of your home as well as the enjoyment of visitors and passersby’s, they won’t do much to actually increase your home’s value.

If you’ve ever asked yourself how landscaping improves the value of your home, or What should my landscape include? Here are 5 primary ways to boost the intrinsic value of your home while keeping curb appeal at the forefront, from Professor Green Thumb, Tampa Bay’s premier Landscaping Company.

How Landscaping Improves the Value of Your Home

1. Mulch

Even if you don’t have much experience with landscaping, you’ve likely heard of mulch. Mulch is a thin layer of organic materials applied directly onto the surface of soil in order to improve its health, fertility, and moisture retention. 

Mulch can also help to suppress the growth of weeds within your landscaping.

You may be wondering, how will adding mulch to my grass or garden improve its appearance? The services that mulch provides makes all the difference in your home’s curb appeal. 

You’ll notice better flower and plant growth as well as fewer weeds, overall improving the look of your outdoor space. Plus, adding mulch helps to keep your plant life healthy, and healthy landscaping adds value to your home.

2. More Trees, Bushes, Shrubs, and Other Plant Life

When you think about it, some of the most inviting front lawns and backyards have one key component in common: lush greenery. Eye-catching plants such as trees, shrubs, and bushes add so much aesthetic value to an outdoor space, and the value they add to your home in general shouldn’t be ignored.

Depending on their height and the reach of their branches, trees and similar plants can increase the sense of privacy within your property, whether they’re out front or in the backyard. They can also help to lower your energy costs during the summer by providing shade and protect your home from harsh winds in the winter.

What’s more, trees and certain shrubs are relatively low maintenance and won’t require too much attention. 

Chat with your local residential landscaping service experts to find out what types of trees, shrubs, or bushes might work best within your landscaping design.  


3. A Sense of Intent Behind Your Design

There are so many different ways to organize your outdoor spaces, and there is no right way! There is plenty of room for personal preferences and individualistic style choices in any landscaping design. 

However, one of the most important parts of organizing your landscaping in order to boost your home’s value while also increasing curb appeal is to make sure a distinct sense of design is evident.

Many homeowners, particularly within the first few months of living in their new home, will go through a period of trying out several different ideas when it comes to outdoor decoration and landscaping. 

Though figuring out your preferences through trial and error can be very effective, it can also end up making your outdoor spaces look mismatched.

 If you ever were to sell your house, a distinct sense of design within your landscaping would increase your chances with potential buyers and help you to achieve a better price for your home.


4. Structural Features

Whereas adding lush greenery to your landscaping can vastly improve its appearance and value, incorporating some architecture can truly bring it all together in terms of realizing your optimal landscape design

While it’s true that adding architectural features to your landscaping is generally more expensive than adding new plant life or mulch, you also receive a bigger boost in home value than you would with those less-permanent additions.

Some of the most common structural additions to landscaping include retaining walls, driveways, terraces, patios, pathways, and even sculptures. All of these architectural items can come in a variety of styles, materials, and designs to perfectly fit your preferences. 

Plus, some will even dramatically improve the convenience of your daily life within your home while also adding value, such as a driveway or backyard pathway. 

The first step to successfully adding architectural structure to your outdoor spaces is to find the perfect residential landscaping business in St. Petersburg.

5. Atmosphere Boosters Such as Light Fixtures 

Architectural pieces and plants are what make up the basis of your outdoor design. However, no outdoor space would be complete without the smaller details that tie it all together. 

As you’re creating your distinct design for your landscaping, it’s important to not forget to value the extras just as much as the big-ticket items.

The lighting within a room essentially decides its atmosphere, and the same goes for outdoor spaces. If you have a beautifully landscaped front yard but no outdoor lights, your design will definitely feel like it’s missing something. 

Plus, traveling between your car and your front door at night can be dangerous without a light source.

Consider adding a series of light fixtures to both your back and front yards. 

Whether you prefer to have the light stemming from the door area or you choose to mark pathways throughout your landscaping with individual lanterns, adding intentional light sources via professional landscape lighting will boost your curb appeal while adding value to your home. 

Contact your local residential landscaping services to explore your outdoor lighting options.

In Conclusion

As a homeowner, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to boost your home’s value. Even if you don’t plan on selling anytime soon, increasing your home’s intrinsic value is a great way to invest in you and your family’s future while also improving your day-to-day experience within your home.

Another common goal for homeowners is to create positive curb appeal, which is also an example of how landscaping improves the value of your home. This boosts your sense of pride in your residence and, let’s face it, the compliments from your friends, family, and neighbors can feel pretty good too! Luckily, landscaping is an extremely straightforward way to simultaneously increase your home’s monetary value and improve your curb appeal.

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