Trending Landscape Projects To Liven Your Florida Luxury Home

asymmetrical garden example as a landscape project

If you’re wondering how to upgrade the overall look of your outdoor space, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of options for your Florida home. The wonderful year-round climate means that the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Even the simplest landscape projects can make a huge difference. 

There are so many different elements that can be brought together to help you achieve the perfect look. But you do want to make sure that you follow all of the rules when it comes to landscaping in Florida. Whether you choose to prioritize aesthetics or focus more on preparing for storm season, there are so many ways to update your landscape to match the look and feel of your luxury home. 

Here are a few of the residential landscaping projects that you should consider.

A Residential Landscaping Design Built for Florida’s Changing Climate

As you’re designing your landscape, you should think about incorporating climate-resistant plants that are hardy, withstanding severe weather conditions. For example, a longleaf pine tree is wind-resistant and is large enough that it can serve as a windbreak for certain structures. 

Other tropical foliage or chokeberry shrubs are ideal for areas that are wet and may get waterlogged from time to time. 

Marigold, geranium, and cactus are plants that stand up well in extreme heat. Palm trees, like the Queen Palm and Pindo Palm, are commonly seen in tropical areas and therefore tend to thrive in hotter temperatures. The palm tree has certain features that allow it to move freely in high winds and withstand the extreme Florida heat.

Adding plants and trees is one of the simplest ways to update your landscaping. Just be sure that you’re choosing options that are not only attractive, but are also specifically able to hold up in more extreme climates, like Florida.

Asymmetrical Gardens Are Trending

landscape project for indoor outdoor living

Asymmetrical gardens are popular because they help an outdoor space to look less rigid and more relaxed. This design style lets you have fun and play with a mix of different heights and shapes when it comes to your shrubs and bushes. It also gives your yard a more natural appearance. 

By adding in a few key pieces to your symmetrical landscape, you can transform it into an asymmetrical design. Talk about a fun landscape project even the kids will love! This looks great at an entryway; you can even mix in trees and tall bushes on one side and shrubs on the other side to add a bit of drama. 

Create an Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

This landscape project has become a necessity for many. With more people working from home, there is a greater desire for indoor-outdoor living spaces. Covered patios and screened-in porches allow you to enjoy the outdoors with your family without having to worry about things like heat, humidity, and bugs, which can often make going outside in the Florida climate feel miserable! These spaces can include ceiling fans, lighting features, and fire pits as part of the design. 

Another trend we’re seeing during the pandemic is an increase in requests for outdoor kitchen spaces from homeowners that are taking on new home renovation projects. You can incorporate hardscape elements like stamped concrete, pavers, and decking to complete the look and make your space feel much more luxurious. 

You should also consider including water-resistant furniture around your pool to help make this space feel like an extension of your living room. While this is a small addition, it can truly make a huge difference in your design.

Incorporate Rain Gardens to Resolve Drainage Issues

Rain gardens can be a perfect addition to your landscape project because they are attractive, effective, and most importantly, low maintenance. They can be added to your landscaping structure to catch runoff or to create a more complex ecosystem. 

Rain gardens are beds of rocks and deep-rooted plants that direct rainwater away from your property by draining it into the soil. This helps homeowners to avoid stormwater damage and other issues like flooding or mold. The gardens gather any rainwater coming from your downspout and other areas around your property.

Rain gardens need three zones in order to function properly. The first zone is designated for plants that are able to tolerate extremely wet conditions. The second zone should include plants that are tolerant of standing water. And finally, the third zone should be reserved for plants that can handle a bit of moisture and dampness, but not any heavy standing water. 

When combined, these three zones work together to prevent topsoil erosion and flooding. The best part is that this is a budget-friendly option for your landscape, since these plants do not need any additional care like watering or fertilizer.

Tips for Planting from the Best Residential Landscaping Service in the Tampa Bay Area

Before you go plant crazy, here are a few tips to keep in mind so that you get the most out of your design and you enjoy doing the landscape project.

Remember That Size Matters

When you’re considering planting greenery on your property, be sure to think about the size of the tree or plant at maturity, not just when you put it into the ground. Florida has a 12-month growing season, so things tend to grow much faster here.

Don’t Forget About the One-Third Rule

When you’re landscaping your front yard, remember that one-third of your lawn should contain planting beds, while the rest can be grass.

Be Open-Minded

Just because those old shrubs of yours have always been there doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them the boot. If your shrub looks overgrown or scraggly and dead in several places, it may have run its course. The issue could also be that it was planted in the wrong area decades ago by builders who had no understanding of landscape design. Either way, know when it’s time to get rid of old shrubs and start anew. If you miss your shrub in 6 months, replant it the following 6 months, during your annual landscape project weekend.

Bringing Your Landscape to Life

If you want to update your Florida landscape design, you should contact the professionals at Professor Green Thumb to bring your vision to life. Our team is committed to providing you with top-quality service and creating a design you’ll fall in love with. 

We can also help you with regular maintenance once the job is complete. When you need a residential landscaping service in the St. Petersburg/Tampa area, contact our team to see how we can help you to create the landscape design of your dreams.

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