Professional Landscape Lighting Can Make All The Difference!

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There are several ways to improve your yard and landscaping. Whether adding flowers, installing a pool, or building a pergola, yard improvements are common in St. Petersburg. One easy yet effective way to dramatically enhance your home is professional landscape lighting. Lights are simple to install, yet make a world of a difference.

Are you looking for a unique way to brighten and enhance your property’s appearance? Whether you want to illuminate a stone fountain or create a serene scene, landscape lighting is a surefire approach that will beautify the appearance and increase the safety of your:

  • Business
  • Condo
  • Beach house
  • HOA
  • Apartment complex

Make your home or business more attractive with this addition!

For the Look

Have you noticed solar LEDs lining the walkway in front of your neighbor’s home in Old Northeast? How about the string lights above your in-law’s back porch on Coquina Key? Maybe you’ve seen a restaurant that illuminates their front sign at night, and you’d like to do the same at your store. With countless prospects to choose from, you can add character and create ambiance with the simple addition of landscape lighting.

Consider adding a beam angle bulb to bring focus to a particular tree or your favorite sculpture. Or, you might want a peaceful setting surrounding your pool. Perhaps you’d like to brighten the path between the hot tub and the back door. By teaming with professionals, you can achieve your goal the first time around. 

Do you want the bulbs to give off a cool or warm hue? The color temperature can make all the difference in the overall appearance, and some people learn the hard way by DIY-ing and making an uninformed purchase. No matter your aim, we suggest low voltage lamps, which provide both a soft glow and low utility bills. Our staff can advise which styles and color temperatures to incorporate so your St. Petersburg property looks how you’d like.

For Safety

When you opt for landscape lighting, you increase the attractiveness of your property in St. Petersburg, as well as safety and security. When you include outdoor lamps, you prevent trips and falls, as well as unwanted trespassers. Even with a soft glow, you get an added layer of nighttime protection that makes your lawn look fantastic. 

This safety feature is attractive to potential tenants at your apartment complex, as well as possible buyers if you aim to sell your home in the future. Most people in St. Petersburg will visit in the evening to get a feel for the area before making a final decision, and the stunning landscape lighting display you created can increase their interest and your property value.

Professor Green Thumb Knows Landscape Lighting

Professor Green Thumb has an entire team of designers who can help you select which lamps and bulbs to utilize in your yard. Whether you own a condo near Old Southeast or you run a business on Beach Drive, we can enhance the appearance and add safety. Beyond landscape lighting, we also assist with:

In addition to providing top-notch landscape installation services, our crew is driven by environmentally-conscious practices. Everything we do on the job aims to prevent waste and contamination. Our crew goes through extensive training, both in the classroom and in the field to provide services that are Florida-friendly.

You can reach us by calling 727-417-3311. We would love to discuss your ideas and help you enhance your establishment in St. Petersburg!

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