5 Interior Landscaping Benefits To Beautify Your Commercial Building

living plant wall shows example of interior landscaping for commercial building
Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Businesses consider interior landscaping for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the inside of a building is an unpleasantly stark contrast to the beautiful landscaping outside. Other times, property management does not allow a commercial company to landscape traditionally, so they must use their design ideas indoors.

There are many, but here are just five interior landscaping benefits for your commercial building.

1. Enhanced Area Conditions

Plants bring life into a space—literally. Thanks to the natural process of photosynthesis, plants remove pollutants and toxins from the air and leave your area with more oxygen. 

Believe it or not, there is a connection between mental health and oxygen, so better breathing conditions can positively influence customers and employees. Some plants improve air quality better than others, so plant selection is vital if you hope to take advantage of this benefit.

2. Personalized Design

Your interior landscaping can help set your commercial space apart from others. Property managers often work closely with landscaping companies to express design visions. 

Personally designed interior landscaping projects can: 

  • Target your location
  • Fit the professionalism of your building
  • Complement existing design
  • Create a unique business environment
  • Offer room by room design options
Hedge Maze at Jewel Changi Airport shows interior landscaping possibilities
Hedge Maze at Jewel Shangi Airport

You do not need to have an eye for design to make your interior landscaping design personal. Interior landscaping inherently makes a room more inviting and welcoming. When designs feel intentional, they are more successful, like the hedge maze at Jewel Changi Airport.

3. Beautified Architecture

Some commercial buildings lack strong architectural features. Interior landscaping can still change the way the architecture of your business is perceived. 

A few ways commercial interior landscaping can enhance your building’s architecture include:

  • Distracting from undesirable areas
  • Working with the flow of the building
  • Shifting focal points onto plants
  • Making building design seem more cohesive 

When it comes to designing landscaping to suit your architecture, novices will often struggle. This requires a more trained eye.

4. Improved Work Environment and Productivity

The functionality of your business is the top priority. That’s why you’ll be happy to hear that employees may benefit the most from interior landscaping.

A few reasons your work environment will improve as a result of indoor landscaping efforts include:

  • Plants offer familiar comfort in work environments
  • Greenery is calming
  • Connects employees to the exterior world
  • Grows pride in your building

Productivity keeps businesses going. Employees appreciate the balance that interior landscaping has to offer. Check out the award-winning Ohana Floor at the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. Happy workers, indeed.

5. Interior Landscapes Boost Business

Visitors should not feel stressed or bored when they enter a commercial business. Engaging your visitors with interior landscaping can make your business feel welcoming and familiar, influencing customers to do more business. 

Indoor landscaping does the following to yield more business in your space:

  • Gets rid of the sterile gray environment
  • Creates a more friendly office space
  • Makes sitting areas more attractive
  • Gives the impression of an occupied, dynamic building

Visitors should enjoy being in most places of business. Prioritize your customer experience with interior landscaping, and see how it helps your company blossom.

Why Companies Hire Commercial Landscape Services

The best way to reap the benefits of interior landscaping is to have it professionally done. Tampa Bay landscaping varies widely, but quality, professional jobs are easy to spot. 

Some advantages of hiring a commercial landscape service for interior landscaping include:

  • No design experience is necessary
  • Quality, longer-lasting plants
  • Plant selection that will thrive in your building
  • Maintenance services
  • Accurate cost estimates
  • Consistency

Interior landscaping is a different ballgame than traditional landscaping. While there may be no yards to mow or trees to trim, interior landscaping has to account for more factors. 

Commercial buildings have different needs than residential properties, even when it comes to landscaping. You should reach out to professionals who do regular interior landscaping work rather than more traditional landscaping companies to reap all of the benefits.

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