How to Decorate Your Yard for Halloween Fun

these halloween items are perfect examples of how to decorate your yard for halloween
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pumpkins and mums are perfect for decorating your yard for halloween
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After a few weeks of enjoying your pumpkin spice treats and putting out pots of mums, it becomes time to decorate your yard for Halloween. Some people take Halloween quite seriously. From smoke machines to fake zombie heads hanging from the trees, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to decorating for Halloween night.

Of course, there is a tasteful way to go about this, so your property doesn’t end up looking like a low-budget horror movie set. Let’s look at some of your options and some of the basics of decorating for Halloween.

Decorate Your Yard for Halloween

When to Start Decorating for Halloween

While you may see some people in your neighborhood start to put up Halloween decorations in the middle of September, most people choose to wait until the first week in October. Since Halloween is the very last day of the month, this gives you pretty much one full month of Halloween décor.

Of course, if it makes you happy to start decorating earlier then go for it. The only rule of thumb is to not mix holidays. If you still have a lot of summer-themed items on your property, it might be time to clear most of them out unless you can repurpose them to decorate your yard for Halloween.

The Best Places to Buy Halloween Decorations

If you need to invest in some new Halloween decorations, stop by a few different stores to put a nice display together. You’ll probably find a lot of nice and affordable items in mass retail stores like Walmart and Target. Don’t forget to check out discount stores like Homegoods and Marshalls.

You may even have some Halloween stores that pop up in plazas where you live. They’re usually open for most of September and October. Garden centers and farmer’s markets may also have some fun items you can pick up for a steal. Don’t forget to look online. Amazon and Overstock offer great seasonal items at a discount.

DIY Halloween Garden Ideas

stakes jen theodore KDu 62mZGcA unsplash How to Decorate Your Yard for Halloween Fun
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If you want to work some Halloween decorations into your existing garden or landscaping, there are a few ways that you can do this. Keep in mind, we’re trying to be tasteful with this display so you may want to avoid propping up a life-size Michael Meyers in your garden.

Hang some lights in your bushes or trees. Prop up some Halloween-themed yard stakes amongst your vegetable gardens. You can line pumpkins along walkways and stack hay bales for decoration or for a place to sit.

*Check with local pig rescues and animal shelters if you can donate real pumpkin and gourd decorations to the animals. Most will gladly take your offerings, especially pig rescues because pigs love pumpkins.

For a fun and spooky nighttime idea, purchase some large, glow-in-the-dark eyeballs that will make people passing by think they’re being watched. If you have some pots still set out from your summer flower display, place some fake horror hands inside so they’re reaching up from inside of the dirt.

Light Up Your Yard with Halloween Lights

Halloween lights to decorate your yard for Halloween
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We’ve all seen some elaborate Christmas light displays during the month of December, but you can have some fun with incandescent and LED lights for Halloween as well. You can purchase the traditional cone-shaped or circular lights in orange, purple, and bright green. Use them to light up your bushes, string them around your front door, and even line the area around your garage door.

Just make sure that you take the time to neatly hang these lights. What would otherwise be a very neat and tidy display can quickly become messy if the lights aren’t pulled tightly or they’re falling off. You can grab some light clips that you fasten onto your gutters or around your doors and then attach the lights to them. This keeps everything neat and properly secured.

Decorate Your Porch

Most homes are designed in a way that makes the porch the focal point of the front façade of your house. Even if you don’t want to take your decorations to the rest of your yard, do a little bit of decorating for Halloween when kids will come to trick or treat, and people walking by will take a peek. If you want to keep things simple, stack some hay bales in the corners of your porch and place a few pumpkins on them.

Your kids can carve the pumpkins or paint them when it gets closer to Halloween. You can also tuck some corn stalks in the corner of your porch or tie them to the posts of your porch (if you have them). Other fun porch decorations include a Halloween-themed door mat, a spooky wreath hanging from your front door and some fall leaf garland draped around the frame of your door.

There are some very specific Halloween decorations that you’ll find on multiple porches and in numerous yards. Don’t feel like you can’t get on board with them as well. There’s a reason they’re so popular. Items that work well as part of a tasteful Halloween display include fake spider webs (with plastic spiders interwoven in the webs, of course), a hanging skeleton, ghosts or bats in your trees, and fake tombstones littered across your front lawn.

Most Popular Halloween Decorations

skeletons make great Halloween decorations
Photo by Lan Gao on Unsplash

Now that we’ve sparked some ideas for you to use for your very own outdoor Halloween decorations display, it’s time for you to start shopping and planning. Picking up a few items here and there when you’re out shopping is all you really need to do in order to decorate your yard.

Just remember that the goal is to keep things tasteful. If you’re going to go with a spooky theme, then only use items that fall into that genre. Mixing funny or cute popular Halloween decorations in with that which is scary is only going to make things look messy or overdone. The most important thing? Have fun!

Professor Green Thumbs enjoys Halloween, too. We might not hang skeletons or zombies from trees, but we’ll keep your yard from looking like an overrun cemetery. If you need help with commercial or residential landscaping maintenance or design, contact us!

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