Divert Water From Your House: 5 Successful Solutions

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The design of your residential landscape is something that you’ve given some thought to based on the overall look and aesthetics that it provides. However, have you thought about the drainage that may be needed as part of this design? The last thing that you want is water pooling up on your property near your home or structure. This can lead to foundational issues as well as ruin the look and use of your yard.

In this article, we’ll explore a few different ways that you can divert water from your house, so you don’t experience a problematic drainage issue. We’ll also cover some of the things that you should be watching out for that can help you diagnose a problem.

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How to Tell If You Have Drainage Problems

It’s common for older properties to have drainage issues because of the settling that occurs over time. However, it’s not completely uncommon for new builds to have these issues as well. No matter the age of your home and landscaping, there should be things in place that can help prevent the pooling of water after a Tampa Bay thunderstorm. The hope is that you have some sort of sewer or runoff system that will address excess moisture. If not, a drainage problem is likely an issue.

Signs that you need to divert water from your house include:

  • Large puddles that accumulate on your lawn or in your landscaping, but don’t dry up within a few hours after the rain stops
  • Signs of flooding or mold in your crawlspace when it rains, or it is extremely wet outside
  • Water seepage in your crawlspace where the foundation meets ground level
  • Water pools on your driveway
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Cracks that are growing over time
  • Cracks or uneven settling on your patio
  • Sagging floorboards

While these signs may appear as minor issues at first, they can worsen into larger problems. It’s best to address drainage issues as soon as you take notice of them.

Drainage Solutions for Diverting Water Away from Your House

Now it’s time to look at some of the ways that you can address water issues in your landscaping or on your residential property. Here are our five top options that work in many different scenarios.

dry stream beds are fantastic drainage solutions

1. Dry Stream Beds

Ultimately what you’re trying to do here is create a trough that is shallow, but provides a dedicated space for excess water to runoff. You can make this area decorative and keep it neat by lining it with boulders, small stones, and driftwood. Dry beds are very attractive and are often used simply for their aesthetic appeal even if pooling water isn’t present.

2. Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are attractive and can also be customized to accommodate your needs as well as the aesthetics of your yard. You can shape a rain garden any way that you like, creating small curves, large, pooled areas, and even sloped areas. The bed of the rain garden will be comprised of sand and compost which promotes a quick absorption of any water that presents itself. Decorative rocks are usually installed on top. Some homeowners put plants and groundcover in these areas, which tend to grow nicely because of the moisture they receive.

3. Trench Drains

trench drains are a fantastic way to divert water from your house

If you have a paved area that is experiencing water pooling, this concrete path will direct water away while acting as a filter for things like leaves or debris. Trench drains also come constructed—plain or decorated—as gutter-like structures that can be purchased at your local home improvement store, and discreetly installed on your property. They have a cover over them that allow water to flow through without blockages.

3. Dry Wells

Dry wells are covered areas that have porous walls that allow water to pass through and move it further away underground. This is a common solution when pooling is an issue near basements or driveways.

4. French Drains

French drains are a bit more involved but very effective, especially if you’re experiencing water in your basement. These perforated pipes will move water in a set direction. Gravel will line the area to help provide natural filtration and direct water flow. This is perfect when you need some sort of additional drainage installed but you don’t want an open ditch area.

There are essentially two different types of water drainage issues that can exist on a property, but they both benefit from any of the fixes that we addressed above.

Different Kinds of Water Issues

Surface Water

Surface water accumulation occurs when excess water collects in large areas of your lawn, in your landscaping, or on your driveway. Unfortunately, it will remain and likely cause damage unless it is removed. That’s where our top five drainage solutions come in.

Sub-Surface Water

Aside from the water that is accumulating on the surface of your property, there is sub-surface water that collects underground and gets trapped in pockets. This can be a dangerous situation when the ground temperature fluctuates. This water can freeze when it gets cold, resulting in expansion. When this expansion takes place, damage can occur to your yard, landscaping, or even home. Expansion under your patio or driveway can lead to cracks and heaving at the surface. Fortunately, even the inland areas of Tampa Bay don’t experience long enough freezes for this to be a problem. The effects caused by the subtle shifts in our sub-surface water temperatures are yet known.

Design your yard so you have more advanced drainage solutions by contacting us here at Professor Green Thumb. You can give us a call at (727) 417-3311 from Monday through Friday, and we’ll address any drainage issues that you may have occurring at your house. We look forward to working with you.

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