Commercial Landscape Maintenance


We know commercial properties like the (wait for it) back of our thumbs. We appreciate a good dad joke, too.

Professor Green Thumb is comprised of highly-skilled individuals who work together to provide the best commercial landscape maintenance service in St. Petersburg and the surrounding Tampa Bay area. 

We have spent many classroom hours as well as years of field experience learning about everything related to lawn maintenance, from soil quality to the most efficient equipment. Whether you have…

  • An office park that needs regular mowing
  • A condo that needs help battling weeds
  • A school whose sports fields are overgrown
  • An apartment complex that could use some pruning

Professor Green Thumb can help maintain your beautiful landscape with ease.

Lawn Maintenance Services

To keep your commercial space looking its best in the Tampa Bay Area, Professor Green Thumb offers numerous lawn maintenance services. We designed our solutions to provide you with a comprehensive service so you can consolidate all of your landscaping needs into one company.

It is our goal to provide the best customer service and support for your landscape so you can relax and focus your time on more important matters. Routine assistance and proper upkeep will help:

  • Maintain a clean appearance
  • Promote plant health
  • Make your life a lot easier!


For both commercial and residential locations, we offer routine mowing services that will keep your landscape looking clean-cut and professional. Our extensive experience and education guide us in every job, and we know how to maneuver equipment to prevent ruts and grooves, as well as the best mowing patterns and heights for optimal growth.

Routine services are popular for Tampa Bay area clients who want to enjoy their yard, worry-free, knowing we will take care of everything for them.

Trimming and Pruning

Whether you have shrubs that need trimming or topiaries that require extra pruning, keeping them tamed can be a daunting task. What equipment do you use? How much is too much to chop off? What do you do with the clippings when you are finished?

We are here to remove any worry, thanks to our precise and detailed trimming and pruning services. When it comes to lawn maintenance, we know how much, when, what, and where to trim a vast number of plants in order for them to thrive in St. Petersburg and Tampa.

Edging and Weeding

Perhaps the most tedious of lawn maintenance tasks, edging can make or break the appearance of a home or business. Even if the grass is mown, ragged and unkempt edges will send a negative message. Keep your landscape tidy and well-manicured with our expert edging assistance.

The bane of Tampa Bay area yards is weeds. They sprout and thrive even in harsh environments. In our experience, wherever you do not want them seems to be the exact place they pop up! We will remove weeds from the root to reduce their chances of spreading. Without pulling the entire root out, the weed can regrow or contaminate nearby plants or other areas of the yard, making the problem that much worse.

Cleanup and Fertilization

Leftover leaves can suffocate your grass and prevent vital nutrients like sunlight from being absorbed. Fallen limbs and messy sod are not something you want to showcase, and with cleanup assistance, your yard will look neat and trim. After a storm rips through St. Petersburg, have us come out to restore order with professional lawn maintenance.

When it is time to help nourish the grass after it has been cleaned up, we can help. Our unique fertilizer formulas and swift application techniques will keep the grass looking as green as our thumbs!

Call Professor Green Thumb For Commercial Landscape Maintenance

We are equipped to keep your yard in peak condition all year long. Our crew has experience not only in lawn maintenance, but as landscape designers, nursery specialists, lighting installers, and more.

With Professor Green Thumb, you can rest easy knowing you are being taken care of by a top-rated landscaping company in St. Petersburg that does it all! No need to hire separate services for mowing, planting new trees, and installing pathways. Give us a call today for a free estimate.

Why Us?

The professionals at Professor Green Thumb place a lot of importance on education, including learning innovative techniques and solutions for landscape installation. We have dedicated time and energy to the ins and outs of the industry and strive to stay on top of new and creative methods that not only make the process more efficient but also more effective and long-lasting.

We hire each member of our staff with the expectation of excellent customer service and concern for quality. Every landscape installation crew member is fully licensed and insured, so you will not have to worry about anything happening while we are on the job. Keeping your Tampa Bay business looking its best is our primary goal, so we leave no trace after the job is complete. 

All arborists and horticulturists on our team attend twelve months of schooling to ensure they have received the most comprehensive and in-depth training available. We take our expertise seriously and do whatever we can to bring our knowledge and skills to your residential and commercial properties. 

But don’t take our word for it. Read the Google Reviews, or better yet, see for yourself.

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