10 Ways To Capture Bridgerton Romance In Florida Gardens

gorgeous regal Bridgerton-style garden
Photo by Jason Thompson on Unsplash

The popular Netflix drama, Bridgerton, is an American historical romance series based on a collection of books written by author Julia Quinn. The story takes place during the Regency era in London, and if you’ve caught even a glimpse, you may be wondering how to capture its outdoor splendor in your Florida gardens. The gardens in the series are impressive, with a sequence of backyard parks, hedge pathways, and countless marvels to wonder about.

If you’re an avid Florida gardener or are looking to get started with developing your green thumb, let’s chat about some landscaping ideas, Bridgerton style. Our tips can help you transform your property into a splendid display of professional Tampa Bay gardens.

Make Use of Paths in Florida Gardens

Garden paths are something you see in elaborate displays where there is a lot of space to work with. When in fact, you can easily incorporate this idea into your own Florida landscape design. You can create a short path that’s just a few feet long, taking you from your front yard to your backyard. This is also a great way to direct people to specific areas.

trellis with creeping vines shades a pathway and sitting bench in these Florida gardens
Photo by Tim Cooper on Unsplash

If there’s a spot in your yard where you want people to gain access, direct them with a path. You can use arches, a trellis, or even bushes to create a path with ease. You can stick with plain grass where you walk, but paths can also be lined with stone, sand, gravel, or paving stones.

Keep Things Neat and Tidy

A beautiful Bridgerton-style garden can quickly go from looking grand to appearing unkempt and messy. Once you’ve planted and arranged everything, set aside time periodically to keep things neat and tidy. This involves regular weeding, watering, trimming, and cleaning up. You may need to cut dead flowers from plants or prune some rose bushes to keep thorns at bay.

Choose a Lot of Variety

If you look at some of the English gardens that are very popular over the pond, they don’t usually stick to just one type of plant or one theme. Choose a vast selection of plants that are tall, short, pink, purple, and red. Mix them all in together, so nothing looks too uniform. You want to avoid overthinking your garden or at least avoid making it look like you overplanned. The perfect Bridgerton-inspired garden ensures that you’re choosing plant locations based on what kind of sun and soil-specific varieties need to flourish.

Incorporate a Gate

charming gate provides private area to florida gardens
Photo by Peter Mason on Unsplash

Gates are a great item to incorporate into a path, but you can add them in many different locations to create a very private and serene space. You might be able to find something very vintage-like in a local St. Pete thrift store or antique sale. Feel free to leave the gate with its existing finish, or you can achieve a neater look by painting it a bold color that will match the aesthetics of your home. Consider planting some sort of climbing plant or vine near the gate. Eventually, the gate will become outlined with greenery.

Provide Seating

Sit back and relax in your Bridgerton-inspired garden with some simple seating. A wire bench or a swing surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants is a location you’ll never want to leave. You can gather with friends here or sit back and enjoy reading a book for the afternoon. English-themed gardens are meant to be enjoyed at a slow pace, even if yours is located on your own property in Florida.

this residential landscape illustrates the potential of vertical designs within Florida gardens

Vertical Designs

It’s important to consider the plants that you’ve put into the ground, but don’t forget to think about planting things up high. You can add a trellis to create some height to your Bridgerton-inspired garden. Ivy, wisteria, and other vines don’t take long to grow and take off. They tend to be very easy to take care of as well, so they’re a go-to if you’re not the world’s best gardener.

Use Bushes for Dividing Sections

You can create a garden with privacy by planting different hedges and bushes in a row. It should only take a few seasons for them to fill in enough that you can’t see through them. You can use this idea to create privacy around your patio or plant some hedges on your property line to create a secret garden of your very own. Think of bushes and hedges as the method of outlining your concept.

two hedges create privacy and showcase a statue in this bridgerton-style garden
Photo by Vicky T on Unsplash

It’s important that you keep your bushes and hedge rows neatly trimmed. Clean lines are needed to keep your garden looking like it’s being maintained by a professional English gardener. 

Roses, Roses, and More Roses

Roses just have that royalty vibe to them, so plant as many different varieties in your garden as your landscape allows. Some roses are stand-alone bushes that hold their own structure. There are also rose bushes that will climb up existing structures. Choose all kinds of colors, from pinks to purples and even yellow hues.

Use Contrasting Colors

Don’t stick with one color scheme in your garden. You want to choose very contrasting colors that will tie everything together. A purple flower plant looks lovely next to a full bush of yellow roses. Reds, whites, oranges, and pinks can all be mixed in together as well for a brilliant display.

Don’t Forget about the Birds

a blue jay eats from a planter easily had in Florida gardens

Encourage wildlife to come to your garden. A well-placed birdbath or feeder will give you something to look at while you’re sitting back and relaxing after all the work of planning and planting is complete.

Now that you have some inspiration to get you started, spend some time planning your very own Bridgerton-inspired garden. Fancy gardens don’t have to be situated on acres of land to look beautiful and impressive. Rather, keeping things neat, trim, and versatile will help you create a landscape that you’ll fall in love with. You may even find it difficult to pull yourself away from your yard once you’re situated within the beauty.

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