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About Us

Professor Green Thumb has provided beautiful, quality lawn care and landscape services to the Tampa Bay area since 2004.

We are your go-to team for all your landscape and hardscape projects—big or small—and offer hand-sketched or virtual design plans. Professor Green Thumb has the tools and expertise to keep your landscape in peak condition year round. We are skilled at both commercial and residential landscaping, including apartments and condominiums.

You can count on the Professors to know:

The Owner – Shannon Smithson

A St. Pete native, Shannon Smithson established Professor Green Thumb while getting his bachelor’s degree at USF, but he’s been mowing lawns since middle school. Yeah, he was the neighborhood kid who toted his mower door to door, asking if he could cut your lawn.

With over twenty years of experience, Shannon continues to enjoy the serenity nature brings, whether that’s planting a client’s dream garden with the Professor Green Thumb crew, or reading a book under a Live Oak with his son.

A word from Shannon

It all started when I was 8 years old. My father had the nicest yard on the block. Let’s just say the grass was always greener where I stood—not a weed in sight, perfectly groomed shrubs, fresh mulch, and a sturdy oak to climb.

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I looked forward to Saturday mornings, working side by side with Pops—mowing, edging, and weeding. We’d pick up fallen leaves to keep them from suffocating the lush lawn.

 Not only did my father instill in me a good work ethic but he taught me to take pride in everything I do, especially when it comes to caring for the yard and outdoor living spaces.

I haven’t forgotten Pop’s lessons and have passed them, along with other knowledge I’ve gained along the way, to the Professor Green Thumb team.
headshot of Mike Rodriguez

A word from Mike

When I was 10 years old, I knew I'd be President of the United States after I retired from my professional soccer career.

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My desire to serve our community thrives with Professor Green Thumb.

Each day is a new opportunity to meet great people and contribute to our local area. I love the challenges that come with managing a small business.

Friends for years, Shannon and I, along with our incredible wives Nicki and Lisa, have cheered our sons through flag-football, hoops, and now with a little dating advice.

I joined Professor Green Thumb in 2018 and am looking forward to continuing to grow this company that Shannon has worked so hard to create.

The People Person – Mike Rodriguez

Mike Rodriguez grew up playing outdoors. Working with Professor Green Thumb is just one way he champions healthy landscapes for wholesome activities. He starts each morning at 4am with a 10 mile run through the beautiful neighborhoods our company is proud to service.

After Mike obtained his juris doctorate he realized that he’d rather coordinate a hardworking crew than litigate a court case. Known to the team as the positive problem solver, overseeing the happiness of Professor Green Thumb’s clients and staff (as well as doing a lot of other administrative stuff), is a perfect fit.

Born and raised in the Burg, we take pride in cultivating, enhancing, and maintaining our hometown area. We want our neighborhoods as beautiful and healthy as you do.

Areas We Service

Whether you are creating a new landscape or redesigning an existing one, you want the assurance that your expectations are met. Professor Green Thumb is a local family-owned and fully licensed, lawn care service provider committed to quality outdoor living since 2004.