7 Walkway Ideas: Landscaping for Beautiful Outdoor Commercial Spaces

tree-line path is one of many walkway ideas for a stellar landscape
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People give a lot of thought to the commercial landscaping design that they’re going to use for their space. Rightfully so, landscaping can help to convey a sense of professionalism. However, walkways also play an important role when it comes to exterior design. There is a big difference between an uneven, unkempt path and something that’s brand new, beautiful, and functional. If you’re interested in impressing customers and increasing client flow to your location, we would like to share with you some walkway ideas to update and upgrade your commercial landscape.

Keep the Flow Natural and Comfortable

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If you have a front walkway that leads from a parking lot or sidewalk up to a front door, you will want that path to flow naturally and smoothly from point A to point B. Stay away from sharp turns and corners that force people to make a 90-degree turn. The flow of traffic will also determine the overall shape of the path. If you have to take turns, try to keep them as curved and natural as possible.

Not only does this not work for functionality, but it just doesn’t look great when you look at it from a little way back. You can incorporate other landscaping along the way to accentuate the look of your walkways if you have the room to do so.

The Width of the Walkway

The dimensions of the walkway are incredibly important. A sidewalk in a residential neighborhood that doesn’t see a lot of traffic is generally only wide enough for one person to walk down at any given moment. When you’re designing something that’s intended for commercial use, you want to think about a comfortable flow of traffic. Make sure that the width is enough so that two people can walk by one another in two different directions without hitting each other or having to turn their bodies to pass by. People like their personal space.

If you don’t have a lot of space to work with and can’t make this happen, we recommend skipping elaborate borders on the side of your walkways. It might actually be better to allow people to step off the path when they’re walking if things are getting too crowded and more room is needed. Try not to restrict people if you can’t provide them with ample space.

Different Materials For Walkway Ideas

You have a few different options available when it comes to the material that will be used for your walkway. Some companies choose to keep things simple with a concrete path, as they’re very easy to pour and it doesn’t take long to prepare the area. The cost of concrete is also rather affordable. You can also opt for stamped concrete, which is essentially concrete that has a design pressed into it to give it a nicer look than plain poured concrete.

Pavers, stones, and more options are also available. What you end up choosing will really be determined by the length of the proposed walkway, where it is located, how many turns it will make, and the overall budget that is available for this project. You can get a professional opinion if you’re not sure what the best look will be for your property.

Consider Seasonal Additions

In addition to the flowers and landscaping that you have included near your walkways and borders, consider adding something seasonal that will brighten the area every year. For example, planting bulbs will provide a pop of color each spring that may become synonymous with your property. People will enjoy driving by each year and seeing the thought that was put into your landscape design.

colorful path border 7 Walkway Ideas: Landscaping for Beautiful Outdoor Commercial Spaces
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The Use of Borders

Once a commercial landscape walkway has been installed, you can add a border of some sort to keep the area looking neat. This will also keep dirt, grass, stones, and weeds from creeping onto the path. You can use simple ground cover, mulch, or stones for this option. You can include small plants and seasonal flowers as well.

Be sure to plant flowers and shrubs that will thrive in the environment, taking into consideration that they might get stepped on or bumped into. As beautiful as they may be, you don’t want them taking over the pathway, so size matters unless you don’t mind frequent trimming. Your landscaping should also require minimal watering so you’re not interrupting the flow of traffic along the walkways.

Consider Landscape Lighting

When the sun goes down, but you still have people moving about on your property, some degree of light may be needed. You can add light by way of small solar lanterns, but LED lighting can also be wired along the walkways for consistent light that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Simply have your lights follow along the path naturally, making sure to provide enough light in the very dark sections.

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Keep Your Walkways Weed Free

Depending on how your walkways are set up, there is a chance that weeds will start to creep up through cracks and gaps in the surface. It’s important that you have this taken care of right away so as not to diminish the look of your walkways. If you have a grounds crew, they can help maintain this look. You can also hire a landscaping company to do a routine cleanup a couple of times per year to take the responsibility off of your shoulders.

If you feel that there are updates and upgrades that you can make to your commercial property in the way of walkways and similar landscaping, you can reach out to Professor Green Thumb for more information. We have an excellent team on hand that can help you develop and manage your properties in a way that keeps them looking wonderful and professional. We have been serving the St. Petersburg and Tampa areas for over 20 years now and would love to add you to our business family. Give us a call today at 727-417-3311 or look through our website for more information.

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