7 Benefits of a Raised Garden Bed

young boy waters a raised garden bed with a watering can

Gardening is a pleasant pastime that many of us like to do as a way of winding down after a long day or to spend time outside in our yard. If you don’t currently have a setup for your garden, you may be scouring the internet for ideas. Luckily, you’ve come across this article. A raised bed is just one option for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers, and we’re going to talk about what this setup includes as well as the seven benefits of a raised garden bed.

What is a Raised Bed?

A raised garden bed is a freestanding box that usually doesn’t have any bottom or top. The purpose of not having a bottom is so that the roots of your plants can extend into the natural ground below the beds as it sits above ground level and is filled in with quality soil. You can place these beds anywhere you want in your yard, ideally in a spot that gets adequate sun and has good drainage. Raised beds are usually open on the bottom so that the plant roots can access soil nutrients below ground level.

Benefits of a Raised Garden Bed

1. Good Soil

If you live on a lot that doesn’t have great soil, you might be discouraged by not being able to have a successful garden. You can skip over this problem by creating a raised bed and then adding your own purchased or composed soil to the area.

good soil is one of the benefits of a raised garden bed
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You can fertilize and use compost as needed, bypassing things like large rocks or a lot of clay. Certain vegetables grow deep underground, so it’s ideal that you can pull them out easily when it comes time to harvest them.

2. Easy Weeding

Because a raised garden bed is situated higher off the ground, you have better access to the garden from all angles without having to bend over all the time. It’s inevitable that weeds are going to grow. You need to remove them periodically to allow plenty of space for your vegetables to thrive. Ideally, weeding your garden once per week is usually enough during the growing season.

When it comes to deep-rooted weeds that will grow deep below the bottom of your raised bed, you can use a weed barrier to prevent this issue. You’ll still get some surface weeds, but they’ll be much easier to pull out when you spot them.

3. Easy Maintenance Setup

gardening including watering is easy with a raised bed
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

In addition to weeding, you’ll need to give your garden some TLC frequently. To water your plants without having to step on your plants or reach over everything, your raised garden bed keeps everything contained in small areas that you can easily access. Drainage will also be better, which keeps your soil and plants from becoming too waterlogged or moldy. Raised beds can also prevent fungus growth.

5. Optimal for Chilly Weather

Whether you’re dealing with cold nights in Florida or another part of the country, it’s beneficial to have your plants up off the ground. The soil will be much colder at ground level and below, which can lead to root damage and slowed growth. You’ll get much more out of your growing season if you utilize raised garden beds to keep the core temperature of your plants up. If frost is potential during the evening, raised garden beds may not protect from that, so still, provide your garden with a cover if you’re worried about damage.

4. Protecting Your Garden

There are a lot of hidden, albeit cute, dangers that can affect your plants and your garden. For example, small animals may want to come along and munch on your plants. When you have a raised bed, you can’t keep everything out of your way, but you may be able to keep things like rabbits and moles at bay. Your dogs won’t trample through your garden if you have them out in the yard unsupervised. All of this means you won’t come across chewed-up leaves or ruined produce.

5. Edible Aesthetics

Pretty produce sections? Gardens are not only used to grow veggies and such in the comfort of your own yard, but they’re a fun way to express your style. Check out Pinterest to see the creative ways people have used raised gardens to add beauty to their landscape. You can purchase already constructed beds, but don’t be afraid to try and build your own garden borders and trellises. You can use a variety of materials to do so, including pine, which is naturally resistant to rot.

6. Easy Assembly

Upon assembling your raised garden beds, you won’t have to spend a ton of time with your setup regardless of what you’re using. A kit that comes with all of the items pre-cut and ready to assemble can take you under 10 minutes. You’ll spend a bit more time if you’re doing the cutting and nailing yourself, but this still isn’t a huge project.

7. Affordability

Save your money for the plants and seeds that you want to buy for your garden, as well as the quality soil that you should be investing in for optimal growth. A raised garden bed is extremely affordable compared to a fenced-in area or other forms of container gardens such as pots that you have to situate all over your patio or yard.

raised garden beds are ideal for gardeners of all ages and abilities

A bonus benefit to raised gardening is that it accommodates most ages and abilities. Beds raised high enough allow for wheelchair access, while traditional raised garden beds are more easily reached for those with joint pain or back problems. Not to mention the kiddos find these gardens fun because they’re perfect kid size. What’s not to love about an inclusive garden?

If you’re looking for fresh and fast access to produce from your very own garden, consider investing in a raised bed setup. This is the most ideal way to organize your plants so you have adequate access, and they can thrive. A garden might seem like a lot of work, but your raised garden bed can be an attractive asset to your yard in addition to providing you with a place for growing. If you would like more information on Tampa Bay landscape beds or advice for gardening in general, reach out to us here at our Professor Green Thumb website. You can also give us a call at (727) 417-3311.

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