5 Summer Hardy Plants: Create Luxury Look To Landscapes

monarch on milkweed
Credit: Steven Katovich, Bugwood.org

At Professor Green Thumb, we recognize our clients’ interests in having an outdoor home space that is both functional and attractive. This is why our residential landscaping knowledge and service reflect both the latest trends as well as tried and true classics. This article explores some Florida summer hardy plants–and how they can enliven any tired yard or patio into a luxury space. 

Professor Green Thumb’s Residential Landscaping Service in St. Petersburg

When it comes to caring for your outdoor space, Professor Green Thumb understands just how crucial it is that you and others enjoy spending time in your yard. That is why we pride ourselves on offering luxury professional landscape services from start to finish for all of your luxury residential outdoor needs. 

These days, some key preferences in Florida landscape design are eco-conscious elements that incorporate native flora and fauna and conserve energy by providing shade during humid summer months. The trick is to incorporate these eco-elements in a way that is also lovely to look at! When you take the time to ensure that your space is inviting, you will want to spend more time there.

Keys to a Stylish and Natural Outdoor Space

Landscape designers and artists agree that there are some key elements to making your yard or backyard stylish and achieve an expensive feel. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to achieve this look! Whether you enjoy more of a farmhouse rustic style or one that is modern and bright, Professor Green Thumb’s talented landscape design staff can assist you in striking the right tone. We offer a free estimate for your outdoor space. 

Aside from comfortable outdoor furniture, the right lighting or outdoor cookware, plants make a huge difference in making any space more luxurious and livable. You do not have to compromise eco-conscious, native plants that attract birds, butterflies, bees, and other precious pollinators in your quest for leisure. 

This article explores a few ways to strike the balance between nature and luxury—with a focus on beautiful, native Floridian plants that thrive gorgeously in St. Petersburg year-round.

Five Summer Hardy Plants that Make Your Home Look Ornate

These native beauties make your outdoor space look lavish without being over the top:

Southern Bayberry/Wax Myrtle

Designers and residents alike love the Southern Bayberry (also known as the Wax Myrtle) because it stays green throughout the year, even during wintertime. More green equals more fancy! Not to mention, the female Southern Bayberry plant produces pretty light blueberries that provide a solid food source for birds when most other plants are not producing food. How cool is that?

Professor Green Thumb thinks the Southern Bayberry looks great as a natural hedge wherever you and your guests are in need of some privacy in your outdoor space. The plant also requires regular trimming, but it is so adaptable and easy to keep up with that it won’t make your space look unkempt or messy. Trust us—this is a lovely addition to spruce up any yard or backyard! 

Red Cardinal/Coral Bean

We think Red Cardinal (also known as Coral Bean or Cherokee Bean) looks absolutely divine when balanced with other native shrubs in an outdoor entertaining space. It is incredible to look at and produces a lovely nectar that attracts hummingbirds and other pollinators vital to the Floridian ecosystem. A big bonus of Red Cardinal is that it can be used for herbal and medicinal purposes! 

red coral bean is a summer hardy plant

The landscape designers and gardeners with Professor Green Thumb’s residential landscaping services would be happy to go over the many ways you can use Red Cardinal to brighten up your outdoor space. It can be tucked into a few different areas for pops of color, or as one big bright bush, a focal point in your yard, porch, or patio. 

Butterfly Milkweed

If you want a conversation starter with your guests during an evening on your porch, opt for butterfly milkweed, which comes in a variety of showstopping colors and varieties. Depending on your color scheme, Professor Green Thumb can advise you on which varieties look best for your outdoor space’s unique design. 

Native milkweed is one of the most important things for homeowners to plant right now. Why? Because they are the only plant that supports monarch butterflies! Plant one or two plants for frequent visits from monarchs and hummingbirds, or plant many different varieties in tons of spaces to turn your backyard into a pollinator habitat! 

Milkweed is also an excellent source of tough nesting material for birds, and has fragrant and lovely blooms. You cannot go wrong with planting this flower if you want to be surrounded by luxury and beauty. 

Seminole Balsamo/Shiny-Leaf Wild Coffee

This is another Florida native plant with lovely, dark green leaves. This plant shines with the reflection of the wet, sunny summers of St. Petersburg. It keeps its leaves year-round, adding greenery and vibrance during the wintertime, when other plants are dormant. At its most hardy and mature, the leaves of the Seminole Balsamo have a vein pattern that is both dramatic and unique. 

The Seminole Balsamo is a Florida perennial that will keep coming back and delighting you and your guests with its bright, dark green leaves and small white blooms that eventually develop into red berries. These berries are a key food source for our state bird, the Northern Mockingbird. 

For more questions on this plant species, call Professor Green Thumb to see if it is right for your yard or backyard space! 

Trumpet-Creeper/Trumpet Vine

Last but not least is the lovely Trumpet Vine, also known as Trumpet-Creeper. The trumpet-like flowers on this plant are orange-red and make for a great natural privacy wall or fence. Homeowners can also easily line and decorate built features—such as gazebos, archways, terraces, and poles—with the Trumpet Vine for a dazzling effect. 

The Trumpet Vines are strong plants that attract plenty of pollinators, especially hummingbirds, and they do require maintenance. Being such adaptable plants that can thrive in partial shade or full sun, the vines can strangle trees and other plants if not controlled. Professor Green Thumb is happy to schedule routine pruning and trimming for your Trumpet Vines so you don’t have to spend your summer evenings and weekends tending to it! 

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When it comes to residential landscaping service in St. Petersburg, you cannot go wrong with Professor Green Thumb. We have the knowledge and expertise to make your outdoor space glow with health! We will create a polished space that provides a refreshing retreat for you and your guests, as well as a beneficial habitat to Florida birds and pollinators! 

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