5 Commercial Landscaping Design Ideas to Boost Business

outdoor planters illustrate commercial landscaping design ideas

While a lot of time is spent focusing on the inner workings of a business, your brand and appearance are also keys to success. Whether you have an office building, storefront, or condominium, the curb appeal of that space is critical. In this article, we talk about five different commercial landscaping design ideas that can make a big difference in your business’s success.

Use Planters to Create Hedges and Dividers

Being able to section off different parts of your landscaping into various office pathways can not only make your property look unique, but it can also add to the overall functionality of your space. For example, hedges and outdoor planters can help direct traffic where it needs to go to get into your building. Hedges are nice because they don’t require a lot of maintenance, but they also add a great deal of privacy. Once they’ve been established for a few years, you’ll find that they remain very full and healthy for a long time.

outdoor planters create a hedge
This patio planter hedge has a divider behind it, which provides shade.

To spruce up patios or section-off spaces, you can turn to planters for the same purpose. We’re not talking about small, decorative pots that you would use for décor inside of your office building. Think more about those very large outdoor planters that are a few feet in diameter. They stay in place, look attractive, and can easily be matched to meet the building’s aesthetics. You can change out the foliage inside of the planters based on the season or what looks nice or go with a more permanent choice like topiaries, small trees, and shrubs.

Create a Water Feature

A water feature is a little bit more involved in a landscape investment, but it’s not as expensive or intricate as you might think. A water feature can be as elaborate as a waterfall wall, or you can opt for a small fountain in the center of your property. This can even become a gathering point for employees while increasing the overall curb appeal of your location.

A water feature is a great addition to a corporate center

If you have plenty of space to work with and your budget allows, consider having a small pond installed on-site. Most of these water feature options come as an easy-to-install unit that simply gets put into the ground wherever you choose. You can include different rocks and landscaping around the pond. You may even want to house some fish in the pond if the weather in your area permits. This quickly becomes a fun focal point that can boost your business.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Lighting adds a great deal of functionality in the evening hours. It makes walkways and paths easier to navigate. Lights also help to increase the overall security of your property. Criminals are more likely to move on to another location that is much darker and easier to sneak around in.

Outdoor lighting commercial landscaping design ideas
This building uses post lamps, recessed lighting, spotlights, and more.

There are various lighting options to consider for your business. If your budget is limited, you can simply work in some solar lanterns around the border of your landscaping. There are also solar lights that you can point up into the various trees on your property. This gives a soft and attractive look to your business. Hanging garden lights can also help section off an area while adding a soft glow.

If you have a higher budget for lighting, think about having recessed lighting installed on your building or spotlights wired into the landscaping. The goal is to nicely light up the building, while also highlighting some of the different landscape features that are on your property. Permanently wired lighting fixtures tend to offer a good return on investment for your commercial property. Solar products are a nice way to test out this concept, but they usually don’t last for more than a couple of years, especially if they’re frequently exposed to things like rain and salt.

Add Benches, Shade, And Trees

concrete benches wrap courtyard trees
Concrete benches wrap these courtyard trees, making a pleasant congregating area.

The exterior of a business doesn’t have to be plain and non-usable. In fact, you should try to make use of every bit of space that you have on your lot. You can create space for customers to wait outside by conveniently placing benches around landscaped areas that are in the shade. There can also be nice spaces for employees to gather for lunch on a pleasant day. You don’t need more than a few benches or tables to inspire people to go outside and get a little sunshine. This can also free up your waiting area (if you have one). People may gravitate outdoors as they wait for an appointment. It’s nice that they will have somewhere to go.

You can increase the shade on your property and in these areas by planting trees in various locations. You can line a walkway with them, create a small sitting garden using trees planted in a circle or scatter them all over your commercial lot for a more natural appearance.

Line Property Pathways

lined office pathways

Most businesses have some degree of pathways on their property. This could be anything from a sidewalk passing by your location to paths that lead to the different doors on your building. There’s nothing worse than walking along the pavement on a very hot day without any shade cover. You can create some shade that can boost your business by lining the pathways of your property with trees or large, columnal items. You can also turn these pathways into an attractive space using different flowers and plants to break up the monotony of a boring sidewalk. You can also include some commercial planters along these areas for some added décor.

If you would like more information on the different updates and upgrades that you can make to your commercial landscaping in the hopes of boosting business, reach out to us here at professorgreenthumb.com. We have a great deal of professional knowledge that we would love to share with you.

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