3 Important Facts About Trimming Your Florida Trees

Trees are an essential piece of any beautiful landscape. Whether gnarled, spindly, or weeping, trees draw the eye, highlight a space, and capture attention with the right property management. 

That said, these natural wooden structures are living beings, and every property manager knows that steps need to be taken when it comes to trimming your Florida trees. You want your trees to be beautiful and orderly while underscoring your property’s value. With that in mind, consider these three leafy nuggets for flourishing trim results.  

Healthy Trees Require Trimming

Most trees on your property are easy to care for needing infrequent checkups, but some require more committed attention. For these trees, you’ll need to dedicate time and effort to trimming and pruning to support healthy growth while maintaining a safe area. 

The trees you need to pay special care for have thick canopies. Overly dense canopies can block sunlight to the upper branches and below and restrict airflow. By trimming the canopies, you can help provide more sunlight and oxygen to the tree overall, promoting growth and good health. 

trimming your Florida trees below the tree canopy
Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels

To know if your tree canopies are too thick, look up at them from underneath. If the sunlight is completely blocked out, those trees could do with some trimming from a Tampa Bay landscaper.

At the same time, keep a lookout for trees with multiple trunks. These are trees with a single stump that splits off into numerous main sections. Truly, these are visually appealing trees, but they become a hazard as they age. 

Trees with multiple trunks don’t have the same structural support. Over time, these trees present greater risks of falling, which could result in property damage and personal injury. Commercial landscape services can prune superfluous trunks, helping the tree’s overall development and reducing risk.

The Species of Tree Is Important 

Not all trees can safely handle trimming at all times. Hidden beneath the bark of every tree is a secret schedule that must be abided by for the best results in development. 

This schedule depends on the tree’s growth pattern, health, age, and other attributes not easily seen with the naked eye. More than anything, the most important detail is the tree’s species. 

Without the right training or knowledge, trimming at the wrong time could result in limited growth or reduced tree health. For instance, owners should only trim flowering trees after their spring blooms have died off. 

For the best results, you should always consult with skilled landscaping service providers. As local professionals, they possess an intimate knowledge of both native and introduced trees, how they grow, and what’s best for their health. Many species can be easy to mistake for each other. 

Fruit Trees Need Special Attention

If your property is home to some fruit trees, you might want them to regularly produce beautiful fruits. Keep in mind that fruit trees are a little bit different. To promote fruit production, you need tree trimming and pruning services that offer more acute precision. 

trimming your florida trees when fruiting

Most fruit trees reach maturity around three years old, after which you can safely begin pruning. Once mature, you can carefully prune at least once a year. Proper pruning and trimming will promote healthy growth, strengthen branches, and allow more sunlight and air into the canopy. Overall, this will help your fruit trees bear healthier fruit more often.

Deciduous fruit trees are best trimmed and pruned while dormant, at the tail end of winter or early spring. If you cut your deciduous fruit trees before the winter cold is through, you can hinder future growth. If you’re not sure when to trim or prune your particular fruit trees, the safest thing to do is consult with a local landscaper.

If your home or business is in the Tampa Bay Area, schedule a free consultation. Professor Green Thumb has provided quality, upscale solutions for over twenty years to St. Petersburg and the neighboring areas.

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