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Yard Maintenance Tips from a Landscaping Company

There are plenty of plants in central Florida, and tending them can be more challenging than you might expect. As a landscaping company in Clearwater, we want the residents of Pinellas County to know how they can improve their yard maintenance routine and promote healthy flora.

Establish a Weed Management Regimen

Familiarize yourself with the weeds that pop up on your lawn so you can combat them quickly. While there are catchall sprays that do the job, you might consider homemade, natural alternatives made from white vinegar, dish soap, and salt.

Regularly Test Irrigation Systems and Make Repairs

Since most utilities are set to run automatically, make it a point to assess the irrigation system often as a component of yard maintenance. If you notice a yellow patch on your property, one of the nozzles might be stuck under matted down leaves or a part might be broken. Whatever the case, regular checks and repairs will yield the greenest grass!

Water at Dawn or Dusk

Regular watering is central to yard maintenance. To make sure your sprinklers are running properly in Clearwater, set the running times to before sunrise or at dusk. With less sun, the water will evaporate less quickly and absorb into the ground, producing a lush lawn. If your sprinklers run during peak UV Index hours, you can risk burning the grass.

Build Your Own Rain Barrel

If you have a garden in Pinellas County, you should consider building your own rain barrel. Not only is this method less wasteful, but the water you gather will be less chlorinated. There are specific rain barrel kits and plenty of instructional blogs that teach you how to make one from a standard garbage can.

Create a Consistent Mowing Schedule

With frequent rain and ample sunshine, it’s easy to get an overgrown lawn in Clearwater. But if you establish a mowing schedule, you can avoid problems. Cutting long grass can shock the roots and initiate stress. It also dulls the blade of your machine, so make it a habit.

Aerate Your Lawn

Even though the seasonal shifts aren’t as dramatic in Pinellas County as they can be in other regions, make aeration a part of your yard maintenance routine in the fall and early winter. There are handheld tools, as well as mower attachments that you can select.

Professor Green Thumb Offers Yard Maintenance

For those who wish to pass the responsibility of yard maintenance to professionals, give Professor Green Thumb a call. We’re experts in Florida flora, and we delight in assisting Clearwater homeowners with:

  • Landscape design
  • Installation
  • Lighting
  • Pavers
  • Fences

Let our team mow your lawn in Clearwater and keep your hedges pruned! Call 727-417-3311 to schedule a consultation with our staff.