Tips for Perfect Patio Pavers Installation

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Tips for Perfect Patio Pavers Installation

Thinking about renovating your St. Petersburg patio, but not sure if you want to commit to caring for a wood deck? Professor Green Thumb’s pavers installation is the perfect solution. Pavers are durable against the elements and the perfect choice for a backyard patio.

There are hundreds of options to consider for pavers; they come in different colors, shapes, and textures. The creative possibilities are truly endless and completely up to you. Let’s explore your options:

Know the Space You Need

First and foremost, you must examine your backyard and choose the right space for your pavers installation. It’s important to consider the location of trees, and proximity to your home. Do you want to sit in the natural shade, or do you have another solution such as an umbrella or parasol? Let the landscaping experts know your plans so that they may mark out the area for your future patio.

Pavers Textures and Color

Next, you should consider the color and texture of your patio. Do you want it to feel smooth or rough beneath your feet? Would you prefer a lighter or darker color to match your home? This is all up to your imagination. Talk to your St. Petersburg paver contractors about the color and style you want for your backyard so they can better plan for your pavers installation.

Textures come in:

  • Tumbled
  • Non-tumbled
  • Embossed
  • Tumbled and embossed
  • Slate
  • Flagstone

Colors can include:

  • Sandstone
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Limestone
  • Terra cotta

The professionals at Professor Green Thumb can help you determine the design of your pavers. We will work with you to make sure we build the space you deserve to relax in your St. Petersburg backyard.

Laying Pattern of Your Pavers

One of the final things to consider while designing a patio is the pattern you would like your pavers to fall in. There are also a variety of options for this such as herringbone pattern and the geometric ashlar laying pattern.

Pavers vs. Concrete

Altogether, your choices for location, texture, color, and laying pattern of your pavers installation will show your unique design. However, they are also much more durable than concrete and better able to withstand the test of time. Pavers are made from many materials such as brick, stone, and cement; and if properly maintained, they are not prone to cracking like cement.

Professor Green Thumb’s Pavers Installation

The landscaping experts at Professor Green Thumb are ready to help you with renovating your patio. Take the above into consideration as you plan with us to redesign your St. Petersburg backyard. Call today to get started: (727) 417-3311

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