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Eco-Friendly Lawn Maintenance: 3 Tips for Success

Modern developments in science and biology have given us a broad range of tools and products to keep our homes and yards weed-free, lush green environments. Any homeowner can buy weed killer, pesticides, fertilizer, and more at the nearest big box store. However, many of these products use toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients that can [...]

Professional Landscaping 101: Understanding St. Petersburg

Professional landscaping can mean different things to different people. In St. Petersburg, where the weather is almost always superb, the air clean and the water plentiful, so many plant varieties will thrive with minimal care and attention. Thank you, Mother Nature, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing for homeowners or business people; those who [...]

5 Ways to Enhance Your Backyard Landscaping

Backyard landscaping is a fun and fresh way to add aesthetic appeal to your property. With Clearwater’s generous climate and countless ideas online, you have the opportunity to make an oasis all your own! We have five ideas that will change the appearance of your yard. Add Lighting Additional lights can transform the look of [...]

Professional Landscaping Tips for Gardeners

Gardening is a satisfying pursuit for many in St. Petersburg. Not only do you get outside in the fresh air, but it’s also a great way to relax. Pulling weeds can be meditative and seeing the fruits of your labors is gratifying. Whether you aim to attract butterflies or produce a seasonal harvest, our professional [...]

Professional Landscape Lighting: The Ultimate Yard Improvement

There are many different ways that you can improve your yard and landscaping. Whether adding flowers, installing a pool, or building a pergola, yard improvements are common in St. Petersburg. One easy yet effective way to dramatically enhance your home is professional landscape lighting. Lights are simple to install, yet make a world of a [...]

3 Plants for Easy Lawn Maintenance

Every homeowner wants to have a home and yard they are proud to show off to family members, friends, and neighbors alike. This is achievable with a lot of effort and many hours of labor in the Clearwater heat, but there are options that will reduce your workload. Lawn maintenance is essential if you own [...]

It’s Just Too Hot for Yard Work and Lawn Maintenance!

As the summertime sun beats down on St. Petersburg, causing the thermometer to skyrocket and the humidity levels to soar, you may be looking at your yard with growing anxiety. You want to keep up the appearance you have worked so hard to achieve, with your lush lawn, tidy shrubs, and blooming flowerbeds, but it [...]

Lawn Maintenance in St. Petersburg: Growing and Growing Fast

With springtime upon us in sunny St. Petersburg and Clearwater, chances are your lawn is growing, and growing fast. Fear not though— with proper lawn maintenance, your yard can remain inviting and beautiful throughout the spring and all year long. But I Already Hired Lawn Maintenance Professionals Last Spring! Wouldn’t it be nice if [...]

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3 Ways to Boost Home Value with Landscape Installation

Spring is officially upon us. In Central Florida, this season brings consistently warmer temperatures, more humidity, more rainfall, and seasonal flowers in full bloom. However, before Florida’s summer rain becomes an almost-daily occurrence, it is a great time of year to pursue a variety of landscape installation opportunities in the St. Petersburg area. Aside from [...]