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The Benefits of Hiring Landscaping Contractors

Yard work is hard work. St. Petersburg is a beautiful city, of course. But the same sun that gives us such rich, warm weather also beats down mercilessly. Keeping your landscaped home or business maintained isn't a simple DIY chore. Professor Green Thumb and his crew are landscaping contractors who follow the project from concept [...]

With Landscape Design, the Choices Are All Yours

The aesthetics of your yard are important to you. Sometimes it takes more than planting a tree here, and a line of shrubs there, and waiting for the grass to grow! Landscape design is an art form. From picking the perfect plants to the fine details of lighting, paving and even fence design, the artisans [...]

Professional Tree Trimming Services or DIY?

Plants in St. Petersburg have a way of getting out of hand without notice. An especially rainy week can create jungle-like vine production, and the branches of the dogwood in your backyard might look overcrowded. After all, keeping your Acacias and Sparkleberrys pruned throughout the year isn’t easy because life happens. You might get assigned [...]

Three Types of Paver Installation

Many residents in St. Petersburg enjoy adding various additions and landscaping designs to their homes. After all, one’s home is an investment, and you should regularly update and maintain it to boost its value. Paver installation is the perfect way to provide a much-needed boost with minimal work and lower expenses. Natural Stone One of [...]

Beat the Heat with Lawn Mowing Services

While other regions are donning sweaters and drinking cocoa, Clearwater residents will still be sweating on the regular for months to come. With an extended summer, you should consider lawn mowing services. Not only do you prevent conditions like heatstroke and dehydration, but you also gain assistance from punctual professionals. Benefits of Professional Lawn Mowing [...]

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Professional Landscape Lighting: The Ultimate Yard Improvement

There are many different ways that you can improve your yard and landscaping. Whether adding flowers, installing a pool, or building a pergola, yard improvements are common in St. Petersburg. One easy yet effective way to dramatically enhance your home is professional landscape lighting. Lights are simple to install, yet make a world of a [...]

3 Ways to Boost Home Value with Landscape Installation

Spring is officially upon us. In Central Florida, this season brings consistently warmer temperatures, more humidity, more rainfall, and seasonal flowers in full bloom. However, before Florida’s summer rain becomes an almost-daily occurrence, it is a great time of year to pursue a variety of landscape installation opportunities in the St. Petersburg area. Aside from [...]