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Clearwater Landscapers: What to Expect

Landscapers are a little different than the average contractor; not only will they be outdoors, but they also won’t even be touching your house. The great thing about this relationship is that a landscaping project will not change your Clearwater home's daily routine. The tricky thing is knowing how to maintain a working relationship with [...]

Finding a Landscaping Company Near Me

“What's the best landscaping company near me,” St. Petersburg residents ask. Invariably, they discover Professor Green Thumb. With more than 15 years of service in the Tampa Bay area, Professor Green Thumb has landscaped, transformed, and beautified homes of every size and structure. Shannon Smithson and his team of experts combine an eye for aesthetic [...]

Local Landscaping Services: The Keys to Beautification

A beautifully landscaped yard is a work of art. At Professor Green Thumb, we see every yard as a blank canvas. Among our local landscaping services is the ability to see through your eyes and make your vision a reality. Like most landscapers, we tend to paint with a green palette; if you desire a [...]

3 Things You Gain From Lawn Mowing Services

If you choose landscaping professionals for lawn mowing services in St. Petersburg, you’ll experience liberation from chores and have healthier grass. Central Florida’s ample rainfall and sunlight both promote plant growth, but depending on the type, this can get out of hand. Certain ones don’t do well in the shade while others dry up and [...]

5 Ideas for Front Yard Landscaping

Making plans to update your lawn in Clearwater? Front yard landscaping is an excellent approach to transforming appearance without breaking the bank. Our team of designers has several ideas for Pinellas County residents who are aiming to add some curb appeal. 1. Create a Pathway with Pavers Pavers can be used to dress up the [...]

Professional Landscape Lighting: The Ultimate Yard Improvement

There are many different ways that you can improve your yard and landscaping. Whether adding flowers, installing a pool, or building a pergola, yard improvements are common in St. Petersburg. One easy yet effective way to dramatically enhance your home is professional landscape lighting. Lights are simple to install, yet make a world of a [...]

Dress Up Your Landscape Design with Low-Maintenance Plants

Many in Clearwater want to enhance their lawn’s appearance with landscape design, but don’t want to spend all of their free time managing upkeep. If you want to add color or dimension to your property, we can point you toward low-maintenance plants to complete the look! Low-Maintenance Plants for Pinellas County We know you have [...]

3 Reasons to Use Native Plants for Landscape Design

When it comes to your garden and yard, going to your local branch of a chain home improvement store may be easy, but in the end, your landscape design will end up looking just like everyone else’s. If you want to set your home apart from your neighbors in St. Petersburg, you should consider utilizing [...]