Professional Tree Trimming Services or DIY?

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Professional Tree Trimming Services or DIY?

Plants in St. Petersburg have a way of getting out of hand without notice. An especially rainy week can create jungle-like vine production, and the branches of the dogwood in your backyard might look overcrowded. After all, keeping your Acacias and Sparkleberrys pruned throughout the year isn’t easy because life happens. You might get assigned an extra project at work or, perhaps, one of your grandchildren falls ill and you offer to assist with care. Whatever the case, you’re likely to overlook your landscaping in the face of life happenings. With tree trimming services, you can give focus where it’s due!

Perks of Professional Tree Trimming Services

With professional tree trimming services, you can count on a lush looking lawn all year round. Not only will our staff members inspect the Yellowleaf Hawthorn on your property for crowding or dead branches, but they will also address any issues that they discover. This keeps things looking fresh in St. Petersburg, and it promotes healthy plant growth.

DIY: Money Saver or Headache Creator?

DIY appeals to some because it seems like a more affordable option. All you need are some pruning shears, a ladder, and a free afternoon. But what happens if your schedule gets full? And what if the ladder doesn’t reach as high as you need it to? Also, do you have knowledge about arbor wellness? How and where you cut branches will affect overall health. One wrong snip and you could invite disease or disfigurement.

As tree trimming services professionals, we know that some people will insist on DIY. We cannot change how certain people in St. Petersburg operate, but we do urge you to consider the downsides of DIY like the safety hazard of falling or premature death of a Burford Holly.

Professor Green Thumb for Tree Trimming Services

We believe in preserving plants to keep your lawn in St. Petersburg looking pristine throughout the entire year. By prioritizing health and wellness with tree trimming services, the palms and Wax Myrtles will look their best. At Professor Green Thumb, we offer landscaping utilities like:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Pavers
  • Fencing
  • Lights

We can help you brighten the scene with lighting or create privacy with a fence. From plant life to decorative structures, we have you covered! Call 727-417-3311 to discuss our maintenance packages.