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Professional Landscaping Tips for Gardeners

Gardening is a satisfying pursuit for many in St. Petersburg. Not only do you get outside in the fresh air, but it’s also a great way to relax. Pulling weeds can be meditative and seeing the fruits of your labors is gratifying. Whether you aim to attract butterflies or produce a seasonal harvest, our professional landscaping team has some tips for you!

Create Pathways Between Destinations

Trails made of pavers are an excellent way to create a pathway between destinations, like the rain barrel and the zucchini patch. They also put some distance between your ankles and the fire ants below when you’re walking to the shed to grab your trusty trowel. The professional landscaping team at Professor Green Thumb can help you lay pavers and install solar LEDs to line the sides of your path. Lighting makes it safer to move around at night, and it adds a clean look!

Protect Your Vegetables

If you like to grow your own veggies, then you need to protect them against pests and the persistent sunshine. Some individuals get caught up in soil quality and drip irrigation systems. These are both important, but if you can’t keep your vegetables from getting gobbled up by rabbits, then neither matters. Not only do you need to plant at least some of your seeds in a shaded area, but you also need to construct barriers to keep ground squirrels, moles, and more from getting the best of your crop in St. Petersburg.

Some homeowners create knee or hip-high covered fences to deter larger pests, like deer, raccoons, and rabbits from entering with ease. No, fencing will not guarantee an animal-free garden, and you may feel as frustrated as Elmer Fudd; but a fence will add a layer of protection between your winter squash and those ‘pesky wabbits,’ so consider our professional landscaping and fence installation services.

Boost Growth with Homemade Compost

Instead of purchasing fertilizer in Clearwater, make your own compost! The nutrients will make your garden flourish, and you will cut down on wastefulness by recycling your organic scraps. There are countless composting resources online, and if you’re concerned about attracting insects in St. Petersburg, consider a tumbling composter.

Professional Landscaping by Professor Green Thumb

Professor Green Thumb can help you enhance your garden in St. Petersburg! Not only can we advise which flora to incorporate, but we can also assist with structural components, like:

We can also take on the brunt of your yard work by providing regular lawn mowing and maintenance utilities. For assistance from professional landscaping experts, call 727-427-3311.