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Yard landscaping services are a terrific way to make sure your property in St. Petersburg stands out. You may have just moved to the Crescent Heights area or, perhaps, you are a long-time resident on Snell Isle. Whatever your circumstances, our design team can help you create a new look and keep things looking fresh throughout the year with maintenance!

What Are Your Design Needs?

Before hiring a crew to assist you, consider what your aims are. Do you envy your neighbor’s azaleas in Allendale? Do your in-laws have a stunning outdoor set up come nightfall? Maybe you have noticed the creative applications of botanicals throughout Sunken Gardens. No matter what your visions are St. Petersburg, Professor Green Thumb can help make them a reality with yard landscaping services. Design and installation are not small undertakings, so let professionals tackle them for you!


Trees and botanicals are a great way to incorporate color and texture. Not only do plants thrive in West Central Florida, but the variety of native flora to choose from is vast. It is best to consult with professionals in yard landscaping services before installing any Acacias or Bromeliads because we understand their growth patterns. Too many St. Petersburg homeowners put in florals and shrubs without any idea about how they will expand in the coming months. Pretty soon, you’ve got Canna Lilies and Blanket flower taking over. Instead of wrestling with overgrowth or unexpected surprises, team up with Professor Green Thumb to form an effective plan.


Lights can enhance the appearance of your St. Petersburg property, so step outside at night and observe your current situation. Are there dark areas that could use some shine? Do you like the effect of uplighting? Have you noticed some foot traffic from furry pests like possums or raccoons? Reflect on what appeals to you, and discuss it with our designers. You might like:

  • Path lights
  • Spotlights
  • Silhouette
  • Shadowing
  • Uplighting
  • Grazing
  • Washing

Of all the yard landscaping services we offer, this is among the most creative, and it also increases safety by making paths visible at night and deterring trespassers in St. Petersburg.


Pavers add a little bit of industry without outdoing the shrubs and trees on your property. In fact, we see these stones as an avenue for bringing attention to focal points. From walkways and flowerbeds to benches and fire pits, we can install pavers and use yard landscaping services to create whatever look you want. Lined, stacked, or bordered, pavers can create pathways or boundaries.


Fencing is a great way to achieve privacy in St. Petersburg without sacrificing appearances. As much as you might enjoy waving to your neighbors when you are mowing the front lawn, you would probably prefer some seclusion out back. You might enjoy sunbathing by your pool or, perhaps, you and your partner like to read in the shade of your Tupelo. You are entitled to partake in your favorite activities free from interference, and fences make this possible! Fencing provides a clean landscape behind your stunning setup. We offer vinyl and wood options in a variety of styles, so you are sure to find what you need!

Do You Need Maintenance Services?

Design and installation are some of the most popular yard landscaping services we offer but do not miss out on maintenance packages. You have invested in quality plants, fencing, lights, pavers, and more; so, it makes sense to keep those areas looking fresh. Instead of trimming branches or pulling weeds yourself, let Professor Green Thumb do it for you. Not only do we have inside knowledge about what plants need and when they need it, but we show up at a scheduled time no matter what. How many times has your grass gone unmowed because life got full? Pretty soon, branches and vines are out of control, and you have a mess on your hands. Avoid this by hiring our team to conduct regular lawn maintenance.

Professor Green Thumb for Yard Landscaping Services

Design and installation take skill and expertise, not to mention a lot of grunt work. Get the look and lawn you want by teaming with professionals in yard landscaping services. Professor Green Thumbs makes it easy to keep your space looking great in St. Petersburg, no matter what season! Florida weather can be formidable, so let our staff tackle the weekly or monthly maintenance routines. Call 727-417-3311 to learn more.