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If your property in St. Petersburg is overgrown or filled with wilting, brown plants, consider professional landscaping. Not only can you receive consistent lawn care, but you can also upgrade the appearance of things with lights or fencing. On top of enhancements, you can get services like pruning, trimming, and clean up. No more sweating on Saturday morning— take it easy by hiring Professor Green Thumb!

How Can Professor Green Thumb Help Me?

The gains far outweigh the cons when it comes to hiring the support you need in St. Petersburg. If you choose to team with the experts at Professor Green Thumb, you will:

  • Save time
  • Invest in your property’s value
  • Have healthier trees and flora
  • Protect your health on hot days
  • Potentially save money

If you want things looking good every month of the year, you need either to devote all of your extra time to the task or hire professional landscaping services. This is an investment in appearance and overall value of your property, and you get hours of your life back in St. Petersburg! Instead of slaving away on the weekend, you can go to the Saturday Morning Market on 2nd Avenue N or take your boat out on the Bay. Do not let persistent weeds or the need to mow keep you from enjoying life in such a colorful city. By letting trained pros tackle the trimming, your palms and hedges will be healthier. After all, the landscapers know how much to take off and how often branches need to be shortened to produce the greatest blossoms or growth.

Not only are you safer by staying out of the high temperatures, but you also have the potential to keep costs down in St. Petersburg, long-term. Since professional landscaping experts will do the job correctly on the first go, you get the end goal without the cost of tools, poor planning, and any necessary re-dos. They know how many pavers are needed to create the stone path between the pool and the garden shed. How many times have you noticed a neighbor laying new sod, only to discover the once brilliant green stalks have turned a pale brown in a short period. Without information about the soil, environmental stresses, and drought tolerance, your efforts might be entirely in vain. Instead of spoiling the sod, let the experts exercise their expertise!

Design and Installation Services

The designers at Professor Green Thumb can assist St. Petersburg residents with creating their own oasis! Our professional landscaping services are wide-ranging and include:

Fences – There is no better way to obtain privacy while enhancing your yard’s appearance than by installing a fence. The structure will keep your children and pets in and any unwanted wanderers out. Metal, PVC, Vinyl, and wood are among the materials we offer, so you can select a style that suits the look you would like. White vinyl can produce clean lines, and wood is both classic and rustic in appearance. Beyond the actual fencing, professional landscaping members can assist you with choosing functional gates or doors and flattering posts and rails.

Lighting – Lights have a multitude of benefits, and we can help you transform the nighttime scenery at your home in St. Petersburg. Create ambience by hanging string LEDs above the patio or increase safety by installing motion lights in dimmer areas. No matter which styles you select, you gain security by adding brightness. If you choose to go for an evening dip, you do not have to worry about tripping over anything on your way back inside.

Pavers – Yet another way professional landscaping companies add to a yard’s look! Whether you want a pathway or a garden wall, pavers are the way to go! They come in so many dimensions and colors that it can be tough to choose at first. However, as we discuss your aesthetic goals, our staff can help you identify the best option in the bunch.

Professional Landscaping by Professor Green Thumb

Yard cleanup is no easy task, and mowing on a hot day in St. Petersburg can turn into a sweat-fest fast. After a hard rain or a windy thunderstorm, your lawn might look a bit worse for wear. If a work project takes on ‘fire drill’ status, you will probably ignore the backyard. Avoid the potential for a mini wilderness park by hiring Professor Green Thumb. Our staff is equipped to assist individuals in St. Petersburg with their aesthetic and maintenance needs. Professional landscaping services are the ideal way to keep your property in pristine condition throughout the calendar year!