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Finding the time in your day to work on the outdoor areas of your property or properties can be impossible. Prior obligations, having an extensive amount of area, or handling trees under regulation can make it difficult. In fact, not only are local landscaping services time-consuming, but they can also be dangerous. Even workers with years of experience can still suffer from injuries due to outdoor management. Instead of being in an office, employee responsibilities can include things like scaling large trees and working with machinery. In addition to the risk, a worker for a local landscaping service typically has additional help. Attempting to manage your St. Petersburg property with the proper equipment or help can end up doing more harm than good. Instead of killing a precious tree, assistance from Professor Green Thumb can help your property’s trees and plants stand out.

What do Local Landscaping Services Include?

Outdoor management and lawn care can include a wide variety of work. While some think all there is to keeping your property pristine is cutting, the truth is more complex. Different regulations and ecosystems mean that a business cannot handle every lawn the same. Also, there is much more prerequisite knowledge than one would expect. It takes research and experience to know how to manage plants and organisms correctly. Do not leave your outdoor environment to degrade. Local landscaping services from Professor Green Thumb can help ensure your lawn looks fantastic. St. Petersburg residents do not have to worry about all the nuances that come with trimming trees and installing fencing. With a variety of available services, you can receive assistance with:

  • Fencing installation
  • Lighting
  • Pavers
  • Clean up and removal
  • General outdoor maintenance
  • Designs

With the multifaceted options available to St. Petersburg residents, it can be a simple decision between handling it yourself and leaving it to the professionals. When it comes to local landscaping services, workers need to have the know-how to assist customers properly. Even with setting up fencing on your property, there are certain rules and regulations you must follow. When it comes to handling trees, it can be even more important that you have someone who knows how to trim and style your foliage. Do not let the aesthetics of your property go to waste. You can enjoy a beautiful lawn and design without having to do the difficult, and sometimes dangerous, work.

Fencing Installation

Instead of having straightforward and boring fencing, would you rather not prefer something with a design that fits your aesthetic? With professional fence installation services, you can make sure that you have a barrier to fits your design desires. Professor Green Thumb in St. Petersburg offers a variety of sizes and styles to create your fencing.


Having professional lighting can make all the difference when you present your property at night. Local landscaping services from Professor Green Thumb, you can highlight your outdoor area at night to your desire. Whether you want it to reflect how it would appear naturally or to highlight a particular area, the choice is yours. Another benefit of having lightning on your property lies in the having proper illumination at night. You and your family can feel a bit more secure being able to see around your residence at night instead of stumbling through the dark.


Dead grass from walking areas can make your lawn look less appealing as dead grass forms along trails. Pavers can not only improve the look of your property but also keep your grass healthy. Local landscaping services from Professor Green Thumb can help you decide on which type of paver you prefer. With an array of textures and sizes, St. Petersburg residents can design their paver pathway according to their design choices.

General Outdoor Maintenance

St. Petersburg is host to many different species of trees and plants that can make your property look outstanding. The issue is, it can be time-consuming and perilous to attempt to trim and shape all the trees and plants on your property. Instead, local landscaping services from Professor Green Thumb can make a world of difference. Contact Professor Green Thumb today at 727-417-3311 to begin designing your landscape.