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A well-maintained and properly pruned yard can really make you and your neighbors say, “Wow!” We care about the visual aspects of your outdoor living space and want to ensure that you feel relaxed and at ease in your yard. Professor Green Thumb offers a wide arrange of services and products to provide the best landscaping services in St. Petersburg, Florida.

What Landscaping Services Do We Offer?

Our professional and knowledgeable staff is here to aid you with every aspect of the beautifying process. Within a short span of time, we can turn any overgrown, disorganized, or dying yard into a Floridian paradise. Our landscaping services in St. Petersburg include:

  • Landscape Design and Installation. From plantings and fertilization to sodding and mulching, we are ready to transform your backyard into a place you and your family can make amazing memories.
  • Lawn and Landscape Maintenance. If you do not have the time or proper equipment for lawn care, then we are here to help. Perhaps pushing the mower around is not an option any more, or perhaps the weeds have overgrown so much that spraying them would require killing the entire lawn. We can ease your stress and turn the mess into an oasis. Our lawn care specialists will care for your landscape until it is immaculate once more.
  • Landscape Lighting. Illuminate your yard at night to show off its new beauty. Lighting also adds a safety aspect by warding off potential intruders. Hosting a special evening event? Light up the night for your guests with a new set of beautiful fixtures. Add flair to your already personalized yard, highlight pathways, and accentuate special features by adding landscape lighting.
  • Paver Installation. We can design borders, patios, and sidewalks for you and your family to enjoy. We offer custom colors, shapes, and textures so that anything you can imagine, we can create. More durable than brick and denser than poured concrete, our paved pathways are guaranteed to last.
  • Fence Installation. Fences offer privacy, safety for pets and children, and security. Add a border to your yard and achieve a peace of mind. We offer vinyl and wood in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. We repair, redesign, and build new fences just for you.
  • Yard Clean Up. We offer assistance with leaf raking, brown pruning, weeding, separating plant species, shrub trimming, cutting back overgrown species, and mulching. With us, you will never have to spend hours of backbreaking time in your yard again.

Why Hire a Professional Landscaping Artist in St. Petersburg?

Perhaps you have a green thumb but you just do not have the free time to care for your yard. If you have been recently injured, you may not know where to turn to keep your home maintained. Going out of town? Do not have the right equipment? Professor Green Thumb can solve all of these conundrums with our exceptional landscaping services in St. Petersburg. Professional work will:

  • Increase the property value of your home
  • Keep away the overgrowth and weeds due to the Florida climate and rain
  • Help you avoid wasting your weekends with yard maintenance
  • Offer personalized landscaping services
  • Help you avoid accidents involved with more difficult maintenance

Get back to what matters and let us worry about the rest. Call today to schedule a consultation with one of our diligent and creative landscapers in St. Petersburg.

The Importance of a Well Maintained Yard

Not allowing your yard to get ahead of you has a lot of perks. With the help of our landscaping services in St. Petersburg, you will:

  • Keep branches from falling in your pool, on your house, or on your head
  • Prune away the dead foliage to keep trees and plants alive and thriving longer
  • Keep leaves out of your gutters and off your roof
  • Avoid having to spend money on home repairs due to overhang
  • Keep weed overgrowth from destroying your garden or lawn
  • Keep grass from growing too high
  • Mulch within the right areas for optimal visual appeal
  • Consider separating plant species for a more organized, well-maintained look

If you are ready to transform your backyard into the relaxing space you have been dreaming about with landscaping services, then call our St. Petersburg office at (727) 417-3311.