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If you live in Clearwater, landscaping services can enhance your lawn’s appearance and add value to your property. Our team specializes in meeting clients where they are at, whether you want to create a subtropical oasis in your backyard or add curb appeal for a potential sale. While DIY is possible, your expertise places limits on possible visual outcomes. Instead of facing restrictions, why not team with our designers to invest in a beautiful layout?

Assistance with Design

You might have a specific scene you wish to create, complete with a fountain and butterfly garden, or perhaps you would like to upgrade the plants in your yard. Not everyone has an eye for design, so consider how professionals can offer input. They know how tall certain trees will grow and which bushes attract which bugs. By consulting with a landscaping services crew, you might discover concepts you did not know were possible in Clearwater.

The staff at Professor Green Thumb makes it easy to have open discussions, and we begin by inquiring about the look you are aiming to create. Some individuals have a clear image in mind, but not everybody does. Not only will our designers be patient, but they will also go to great lengths to ensure that you receive the absolute best in landscaping services. Throughout the creative and installation processes, we check in to confirm that our actions align with your vision. That way, everyone involved is on the same page.


Lighting is an essential component of landscape design, though it is often overlooked because many people tend to think of crisp, green grass, colorful blossoms, and artfully winding pathways. We encourage our clients to budget for lighting because it:

  • Contributes to the appearance of your property
  • Can establish the tone or mood of your outdoor setting
  • Increases safety for homeowner and occupants
  • Deters unwanted trespassers or nocturnal pests

You might want to install overhead lighting for your summer barbecues, or you may be interested in motion sensors along the side of your house. Whatever the case, landscaping services professionals can help you incorporate lighting in Clearwater.


Pavers are a fantastic approach to creative concepts like pathways, raised planters, outdoor seating, and more! They are sturdy, affordable and come in a variety of sizes and colors. This makes it possible to personalize the look and complement the house or condo. Let Professor Green Thumb educate you about how pavers can change the entire appearance of your yard.


If you would like to increase privacy and safety, fences are the answer. Like pavers, these structures can be customized to the size you would like, whether you want a short or tall wall. Our landscaping services team utilizes vinyl and wood materials, so whatever look you are striving for in Clearwater, our team will work tirelessly to achieve it. Even if you know everybody in the Harbor Oaks neighborhood, a fence will limit access and can prevent drifters from passing through. If a child decides to use your backyard as a shortcut and is injured on your property, you could be sued. With function and fashion at the forefront of our plans, your property will show nicely and be well protected.

We Manage Installation

Ideas and concepts are our expertise, but Professor Green Thumb’s exceptional landscaping services do not stop there. Alongside design, our employees also manage the installation. This means that on a hot day in Clearwater, you are inside with an iced tea instead of out back trying to install a fence or put in pavers. Lighting installation calls for far more than just twisting a bulb into a socket, so let professionals handle the electrical work. When you let pros handle installation, each and every component is put in correctly the first time around.

We Also Offer Maintenance Services

Not only can we install fences, pavers, lighting, and plants, but we can also conduct routine maintenance like:

Our knowledge of Central Florida soil, seasons, and environmental stresses will inform how we care for your lawn. By passing on the responsibility, you can rest easy in Clearwater throughout the whole year.

Professor Green Thumb for Landscaping Services

Professor Green Thumb offers a wide range of landscaping services to homeowners in Clearwater, so let us manage design and installation. DIY appeals in theory, but under the hot Florida Sun, theories dissipate into frustration. The same goes for maintenance like mowing or seasonal fertilization. Life gets full in Clearwater, and you might dismiss your yard in the face of responsibilities. Whatever landscaping services you are interested in, let Professor Green Thumb add to and enhance your yard!