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Living in St. Petersburg means dealing with all types of plants and lawn management. New homes and properties are also constantly in development. Along with that comes a need for landscaping contractors who know how to properly manage lawns and provide outdoor services. Instead of having patches of dirt, dying grass, or missing pavement, a professional groundskeeping provider like Professor Green Thumb (PGT) can keep your property looking amazing.

Sometimes it is difficult to manage all the plants and grass in an area. Work, family obligations, and health can all contribute to overgrowth and dying flora. With Professor Green Thumb, customers have access to even more services and benefits beyond groundskeeping. While there are many landscaping contractors throughout St. Petersburg, there is a clear difference between good and bad outdoor management. Hiring a business that can use artistic and technical knowledge to create your environment can make a huge difference.

Professor Green Thumb’s Landscaping Contractors

When it comes to comparing great and terrible outdoor property management, there are factors that one must take into account. A proper groundskeeping service has the techniques and environmental knowledge to create an amazing presentation. Proper groundskeeping services can help create beautiful outdoor environments in addition to managing plants and land. Professor Green Thumb is a family business that has been providing the Tampa area with professional lawn care for over 15 years. In addition, PGT is run by Florida natives who are familiar with the St. Petersburg area. You can rely on Professor Green Thumb to know:

  • How and what to trim
  • How to improve plant flowering
  • What healthy grass heights avoid burning
  • How to properly cut lawns

There are plenty of outdoor property management companies around but not all of them are as knowledgeable. Creating a great looking environment on your property can also go beyond just plant and grounds management. Some properties may require a full clean up before any work can start, and others may require paver installation. A certified landscaping contractor like Professor Green Thumb can handle all types of St. Petersburg properties year-round.

About Professor Green Thumb Services

With over a decade of experience, PGT is experienced with residential and commercial properties. Whether you have a large lawn or an apartment complex, we can keep your grass and property looking great no matter the season.


Qualified landscaping contractors like Professor Green Thumb provide multiple services beyond landscape management. Customers have the benefit of choosing from outdoor property options like:

When it comes to landscaping contractors in St. Petersburg, PGT is one business that can completely change the quality of your landscape for the better.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is one of the most important parts of managing outdoor property. With outdoor lighting, you can make sure that your area is illuminated properly to accent your property. Outdoor illumination provides not only a beautiful and pleasing presentation at night but safety and security. With a commercial property, you want customers to feel safe when walking around at night. In residential areas, you and your family can enjoy your outdoor area safely lit at any time. PGT also offers spotlights on trees to highlight their amazing features, even at night.

Pavers Installation

Experienced landscaping contractors like Professor Green Thumb can also install pavers to create clear and safe paths. Pavers are a popular choice for outdoor flooring and are easily customizable. Pavers come in multiples shapes, sizes, and colors to match your design taste. Additionally, they can be a great design choice to match with patio furniture. St. Petersburg has many grassy properties that can benefit from having clear paths and borders.

Fence Installation

PGT also offers custom fence installation services in order to keep their property safe. In addition to keeping unwanted wildlife and people out of your area, fencing also keeps pets from running away. If maintaining privacy is also of importance to you then PGT’s options of vinyl and wood fencing are a perfect choice.

Outdoor Clean Up

General yard management can be repetitive and exhausting. Yard care requires a lot of focus and specific activities such as:

To start working with a professional landscaping contractor on your St. Petersburg property, contact Professor Green Thumb at (727) 417-33111.