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Are you looking to invest in a property or want a way to manage your home’s outdoor area without a lot of hassle? Professional trimming and outdoor management with a landscaping contractor is the perfect choice for making your property look fantastic. Making sure that your plants, lawn, and outdoor areas look great can be an investment for future sale. Also, proper care can allow the whole family to enjoy all that your home has to offer.

Having your property cleared of overgrowth and properly taking care of the lawn is not difficult when left to the professionals. St. Petersburg is home to many types of trees and plants that require special care and knowledge. Without the right information, you risk damaging and destroying your natural settings. Even taking care of your lawn requires some amount of research or experience. Instead of risking overcutting your lawn or accidentally killing a tree, a landscaping contractor like Professor Green Thumb can help.

Landscaping Contractor Services

Having a landscaping contractor to help improve the look of your lawn can make all the difference when it comes to presentation. Professor Green Thumb provides a wide variety of services to help individuals enhance their yards. In the lush environment of St. Petersburg, gardens and outdoor areas can grow out of control and require more than just cutting grass or trimming. Often, there are essential things that you need to ensure are taken care of such as installing fencing.

Trees, grass, and other plants require upkeep and proper trimming to keep alive and healthy. In fact, too many lawn services do not have the proper experience and knowledge when it comes to plant species. Landscaping is not one size fits all. Improper trimming can lead to a plant being starved of nutrition, and cutting the lawn the wrong way can kill the grass. Keep your St. Petersburg plants looking great with proper trimming thanks to the help of a landscaping contractor.

Proper Care

Professor Green Thumb has over 15 years of experience when it comes to providing St. Petersburg and Tampa residents with professional lawn care assistance. One of the first things you should look for when it comes to a landscaping contractor is experience. A lot of businesses advertise that they are great and knowledgeable, but action speaks louder than words. Companies do not last 15 years without knowing what they are doing when it comes to managing landscapes. Proper care is essential, particularly when it comes to managing fragile plants that require special care.

When you work with us, not only will you receive professional help, but you will also be dealing with Florida natives who understand the environment. Hiring someone who is not familiar with the Floridian environment can leave your property looking worse than before. Professor Green Thumb helps St. Petersburg Floridians enjoy beautiful lawns without the labor.


Outdoor lighting is one of the many services St. Petersburg residents can benefit from when it comes to hiring Professor Green Thumb as your landscaping contractor. In addition to having your native Florida plants taken care of the right way, you can have lights to show them off at night. You and your family can enjoy your outdoor area while comfortably lit. Many homeowners enjoy the added safety and beauty that outdoor lighting provides. You can accentuate a particular part of your property that makes other parts look even better at night. Why not install lighting when it can make your property look so much better? Do not stumble around in the dark on your property. Instead, with the help of Professor Green Thumb, you can enjoy quality work along with proper plant care.


Pavers can be an excellent addition to any area. Many people would rather not walk on their grass when, instead, they can have a pathway. Pavers offer an affordable solution for everyone. Not only are they an excellent way to create designs, but they can also keep your grass healthy from constantly being walked on.

When it comes to finding the right landscaping contractor, you want a group with experience and a variety of services. Professor Green Thumb has been helping St. Petersburg residents with various lawn care services for over 15 years. Contact or call 727-417-3311 today to start your outdoor property’s beautifying process.