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If you own a home or run a business In St. Petersburg, you can enhance your property with professional landscape design. At Professor Green Thumb, we specialize in transforming green spaces, so consider what look you would like your place to have. Maybe you want to create a real Floridian oasis with palms and orange trees. Or perhaps you would like to create standing planters to surround your outdoor seating area. Whether you have a precise plan or just an inkling of an idea, our staff can assist you with:

  • Installation
  • Lighting
  • Mulching
  • Sodding and grass plugs
  • Maintenance and clean-up
  • And more!
With comprehensive landscape design services, we have got you covered.

Comprehensive Landscape Design Services

Do you want your outdoor space in St. Petersburg to look neat and orderly or wilder and natural? How about feel— are you aiming for yacht club vibes or comfortable, beachside ones that include a fire pit? The team at Professor Green Thumb has created a variety of unique installations over the years, each one reflecting the vision of the client. We can help you achieve your goal by giving any area new life!

Certified Professionals

When you seek professional help, check to make sure the individuals are certified. Some people claim to be specialists, but they do not have the technical training. When it comes to installing trees, plants, and fixtures in your yard, you want the job done well the first time. Do not risk extra expenses after discovering that your landscape design was not done properly.

Our team of experts will inspect the area in St. Petersburg and consult with you about your personal preferences. You might be a long-time gardener who enjoys yard work, but you may also be someone who would rather have low-maintenance flora that you can appreciate without much fuss. Our landscape design expertise will shape the eventual plan.

Native Plant Designers: Local knowledge is invaluable because it honors the natural ecosystem. We anticipate plant growth patterns, so you will not have to worry about them competing for space.

Horticulturists and Permaculturists: We have united horticulture and permaculture in our practice, so our green thumb is truly a green one— sustainable and eco-friendly! Not only do we install plants that are native to the state of Florida, but we also maintain the existing ecosystem through our understanding of the soil, vegetation, and climate in St. Petersburg.

Arborist: Would you like to add trees to your property? Our certified arborist will offer insight to point you in the right direction.


Light will add to the landscape design of your home or business, and it also creates visibility. This makes it safer for those navigating the area after sundown, and it will keep unwanted individuals from lurking around after dark. At Professor Green Thumb, we utilize energy-efficient LEDs to promote conservation. This, in turn, will lower your utility bill. It is hard to beat a durable product that saves you money!

Pavers and Fences

Our selection of pavers and fences come in a wide variety of colors and grains to align with your particular color scheme. You can use pavers to create structures like multi-level gardens, pathways, and raised planters. And you can make your St. Petersburg home or business more private with fence installation.

Professor Green Thumb for Landscape Design

Let our certified designers and arborists transform your space with their knowledge of horticulture and permaculture. If you can visualize it, we will make it come true in St. Petersburg! In addition to landscape design services, we offer ongoing maintenance packages. This way, your yard or commercial business stay tidy all year long! Call Professor Green Thumb today to schedule a consultation!