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At Professor Green Thumb, we work to design a beautiful setting at your home or office building. A professionally landscaped yard or general area will typically increase the property value, depending on the specific location. In most cases we see a drastic difference from what is viewed as a plain lawn to one that we masterfully craft with our many years of experience with landscape design and installation.

Many people have told us that they don’t even recognize the property after a detailed landscape design and installation has been performed. This is just the difference we love to hear because it speaks volumes to our work ethic and creative mentality. Florida is a beautiful place to live so why not showcase some of what Florida has to offer in your yard? You should be able to enjoy sitting outside in a beautifully landscaped yard and soak in the great weather that no other state can claim to have.

As a brief overview, some of the landscape design and installation services that we offer include plantings, fertilization, sodding, mulching and many more. Call us today at (727) 417-3311 to learn more about how we can assist you with beautifying your property.