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Backyard landscaping is a lively and fresh approach to altering the appearance of your Clearwater property. Some people focus on interior design, like paint colors or wall hangings, but the exterior of your home will also make a firm impression on your guests. Imagine hosting pool parties and grilling brats on your deck or, perhaps, you would like to hang a hammock between two palms for a peaceful reading location. Whatever your ideas, you can make your condo, Craftsman, or beachside townhome a more appealing place to be.

Backyard Landscaping Design

The front lawn tends to get a lot of attention because it is the first thing that your guests will see. For this reason, many aim to keep the grass trimmed and the ground clear. Some put sculptures, fountains, and multi-level gardens out front. While this may add to the curb appeal in Clearwater, you are not as likely to spend time there. With backyard landscaping, you can create a natural oasis to match your lifestyle.

Add Color with Plants

We encourage Pinellas County clients to take advantage of Central Florida’s unique climate. Just on the cusp of being considered tropical, you can select flora and shrubs that other regions covet. Someone in the Midwest may be lucky to see two or three blossoms on their clematis vine while yours has all but taken over the trellis leading to the butterfly garden. Consider adding:

  • Elephant ears or Pawpaw flowers
  • Sweet acacia or Beautyberry
  • Gumbo Limbo or Black Mangrove
  • Saw Palmetto or Cabbage palm
  • Inkberry or Tampa Vervain

Not only will they add color and life to your backyard landscaping, but they can also save you time and money because they require less care. Local flora needs less water, and the plants support native wildlife and Clearwater’s habitats. Workers at hardware stores will not have expert input on native plants like the staff at Professor Green Thumb does. Our team can analyze your soil to identify which plants will thrive best. The staff at Professor Green Thumb is dedicated to helping you create stunning scenery that will flourish all year long.

Make Pathways or Walls with Pavers

Would you like to cut mud out of the equation when you walk from the house to the shed? Pavers are an excellent material for laying pathways between destinations in Clearwater. Are you interested in creating a multi-level garden? You can stack pavers to place plants at varying heights. From steps to a fairy trail made with pavers, the options are only as limited as your imagination. Our designers can assess your property before advising how to construct the desired application. When it comes to backyard landscaping, pavers are among the most versatile materials we use. Choose from a seemingly endless variety of colors, shapes, and styles to transform your Clearwater lawn into a personal oasis!

Brighten the Scene with Lighting

You might be interested in illuminating areas of your property or increasing safety, and lighting accomplishes both of these goals. Darkness makes tripping more likely, and it can be attractive to trespassers. Rule out potential misfortunes by consulting with professionals in backyard landscaping. Professor Green Thumb can point you toward eco-friendly options that will make your lawn luminous and secure without raising the utility bill in Clearwater. They can also assist with color temperature selection and installation. This input is invaluable because cool and warm temperatures will change the appearance of your deck or outdoor gathering space dramatically.

Protect Your Family with Fences

You may have a waterfront home and wish to keep beachgoers from intruding on your lawn. Perhaps, you have young ones or pets that you would like to keep close by. Whatever the case, installing a fence is a surefire approach to preventing unwanted disturbances. Like lighting, fences provide both built-in security and a clean look. Choose from several styles of vinyl and wood materials in Clearwater to create an attractive barrier. That way, you can enjoy your surrounding backyard landscaping without an invasion of your privacy. With our help, you can add posts, gates, and even locks.

For Backyard Landscaping, Turn to Professor Green Thumb

DIY seems like the more affordable choice, but professional backyard landscaping services save you money, energy, and time. Would you rather sweat and slave away trying to put in a new fence or get the desired result and the guarantee of proper installation? Gardening and planting are romantic ideas, but the Clearwater heat and humidity are particularly difficult to endure. Your project may turn into a multi-month event or, worse, an unfinished project. Let the staff at Professor Green Thumb assist with:

  • Pavers and plants
  • Lighting and fences
  • Backyard landscaping
  • Mowing services
  • Lawn clean-up
  • And more!

Not only can we assist with installation of both plants and accessories, but we also offer maintenance services. If you are ready to pass over your mowing, trimming, and weeding responsibilities, contact us today!