With Landscape Design, the Choices Are All Yours

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With Landscape Design, the Choices Are All Yours

The aesthetics of your yard are important to you. Sometimes it takes more than planting a tree here, and a line of shrubs there, and waiting for the grass to grow! Landscape design is an art form. From picking the perfect plants to the fine details of lighting, paving and even fence design, the artisans at Professor Green Thumb will help you create a landscaping masterpiece. St. Petersburg yards come in all sizes and configurations, and our ideas are unlimited and endlessly creative. Let us combined them with yours.

Whether you have half an acre to work with or just a few square feet, landscaping by Professor Green Thumb is transformative. Working with native and exotic plants, our designers add both color and texture to your yard, patio or entranceway. The total transformation can include decorative rocks and stones, wooden structures and latticework – just about anything! Landscape design – including garden and backyard pond design – embraces the abstract and the purely creative. Your only limitations are your budget, the size of the area, and your heart’s desires.

The Logistics of Landscape Design in St. Petersburg

Furthermore, St. Petersburg landscaping should be handled by eco-friendly horticulturists familiar with indigenous plants, their growth patterns, and seasonal needs. Florida flora requirements are different from those in any other state. Therefore it’s best to consult with a St. Petersburg professional – someone who can advise and direct the best possible planting scenario. For a brilliantly-realized natural setting, look no further than Professor Green Thumb founder and president Shannon Smithson and his dedicated, experienced team.

Landscape Illumination: The Light Stuff

When your ideal landscape design includes extensive lighting – strong, subtle or just plain illuminating – Professor Green Thumb can make it happen. Recessed lights can be installed along a footpath, adding charm and elegance – as well as safety. Likewise, a couple of well-placed, unobtrusive spotlights, locked down at just the right position, can add nighttime beauty to a tree of any size or shape. Ultimately, you want to get the most from your St. Petersburg front or backyard, walkway, garden or patio. Our job is to help realize your dream and turn it into a stunning reality. As landscapers, we look forward to every freshly-sprouted opportunity to create and mold something new and beautiful every time.

Let’s talk about landscape design and what it can do for you. Contact or call the artists at Professor Green Thumb at (727) 473-3311 today!