It’s Just Too Hot for Yard Work and Lawn Maintenance!

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It’s Just Too Hot for Yard Work and Lawn Maintenance!

As the summertime sun beats down on St. Petersburg, causing the thermometer to skyrocket and the humidity levels to soar, you may be looking at your yard with growing anxiety. You want to keep up the appearance you have worked so hard to achieve, with your lush lawn, tidy shrubs, and blooming flowerbeds, but it is just so hot outside that you can’t bear to think about it for a moment longer, not to mention actually go out and work. When you need lawn maintenance services but the heat is too much, contact a professional— we’ve got you covered!

Relax and Enjoy the Summer

With summer often comes shortened work hours, and more time with the kiddos. You want to be able to enjoy both your free time and family time, rather than spending it slaving away over weeds and overgrown jungles in your own backyard. With a professional service like Professor Green Thumb, you can put lawn maintenance at the back of your mind and enjoy the summer as it was meant to be enjoyed! Take a dip in the pool, go to the beach, hang out with a good read, and let the pros take care of your yard in St. Petersburg.

Safety First

With the intense heat in St. Petersburg, incidents of heat stroke and dehydration increase. Many people go outside in the direct sunlight without a thought towards their own health. When you combine summer weather conditions with manual labor needed for lawn maintenance, you run the risk of becoming ill. Instead of laboring away, Professor Green Thumb can take care of your front and backyards with ease. We are trained in the art of landscape care, and we know how to handle the summer heat!

Spend the Summer with Professor Green Thumb’s Lawn Maintenance Services

At Professor Green Thumb, we know how important it is to spend time with family. We also know how important the summer season is to St. Petersburg residents. Sure, replanting flowers and pruning trees can be a satisfying task most of the year, but during summer, the intense heat and humidity make it downright dangerous. Therefore, instead of risking your health and wasting free time laboring away under the sun, give us a call. We can handle all of your lawn maintenance for you!

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