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Finding a Landscaping Company Near Me

“What’s the best landscaping company near me,” St. Petersburg residents ask. Invariably, they discover Professor Green Thumb. With more than 15 years of service in the Tampa Bay area, Professor Green Thumb has landscaped, transformed, and beautified homes of every size and structure. Shannon Smithson and his team of experts combine an eye for aesthetic beauty with solid practical knowledge of indigenous plants and how to make sure they thrive. When Professor Green Thumb comes on board to assess the site and make recommendations, homeowners know they are getting solid advice. The bottom line, however, is that you are the boss, and our team works with you to ensure we fulfill your vision.

Transforming All Sorts of St. Petersburg Homes

You do not have to stick with whatever was planted when your St. Petersburg home was brand-new. Historic homes, late 20th-century, and contemporary dwellings can all benefit from a change in landscaping. Our staff includes an ISA-certified arborist who advises on the trees that work best in Florida’s hot and humid climate. Similarly, Professor Green Thumb helps you choose the plants — flowering or otherwise — that will blend harmoniously with your trees. Together with artistic touches like stones, pavers, fences and other embellishments, your yard will be just as you envisioned it. Landscaping by Professor Green Thumb is like a commissioned painting — tell us what you want, and leave the magic to us. Therefore, the next time you wonder, What is the absolute finest landscaping company near me?, don’t wait to call the Professor.

Professor Green Thumb’s expertise with landscape lighting, for both effect and safety, is well known. Creative lighting, whether it’s recessed, hidden, or directional significantly changes the mood of an outdoor setting. To say nothing of the added measure of safety — a well-lit area in St. Petersburg is less likely to be visited by prowlers.

What’s the Best Landscaping Company Near Me?

In matters of landscape design, the sky is just about the limit. The variables, of course, include spatial and budget considerations and use of the right plant varieties. For the most part, however, the choices are yours, and they’re endless. When you begin the online search for “a landscaping company near me,” look carefully at the photographs of their work. See something you like? Would an Oriental garden with bamboo and waterfalls fit right into your St. Petersburg back yard? Or how about a sculpted, winding pathway among your Florida citrus trees, surrounded by brilliant flowering azaleas? Native palm trees? A birdbath? Fountains? A yellow brick road? You have the questions, and Professor Green Thumb has the answers.

Tired of searching the internet for “the best landscaping company near me”? Call Professor Green Thumb with all of your landscape and design questions at (727) 417-3311. Or, feel free to contact us to learn more.