Eco-Friendly Lawn Maintenance: 3 Tips for Success

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Eco-Friendly Lawn Maintenance: 3 Tips for Success

Modern developments in science and biology have given us a broad range of tools and products to keep our homes and yards weed-free, lush green environments. Any homeowner can buy weed killer, pesticides, fertilizer, and more at the nearest big box store. However, many of these products use toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients that can have negative effects on the environment. If you are a St. Petersburg resident looking to improve the health of their yard in an environmentally friendly way, then there are a few tips for all-natural lawn maintenance.

1. Water Wisely

While you don’t have to give up watering your yard to save on your water usage, you can be wiser about it. In St. Petersburg, the heat, humidity, and near-constant sunshine cause grass to dry out and even scorch when not watered at the proper intervals. The best times of day for watering and lawn maintenance are either in the morning or the evening when there is less evaporation. Also, watering infrequently but deeply promotes the healthiest growth. The University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences recommends the following timetable for watering based on the month:

  • January — 12 minutes
  • February — 10 minutes
  • March — 17 minutes
  • April — 40 minutes
  • May — 64 minutes
  • June — 50 minutes
  • July — 49 minutes
  • August — 60 minutes
  • September — 48 minutes
  • October — 43 minutes
  • November — 32 minutes
  • December — 16 minutes

The City of St. Petersburg has issued water restrictions for lawn maintenance. They request that you water only twice a week, in the mornings between 5 and 9 or evenings between 7 and 11. Not only will you help reduce water usage, but you will save money on your utility bill and help promote the health of your yard.

2. Turn Down Toxins

Widely available, commercial fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium in highly toxic levels. While they are common in lawn maintenance because of their effectiveness, they can also contain trace heavy metals. These metals include arsenic, cadmium, and zinc. Toxic ingredients can permeate your yard. In addition, toxic materials can affect children, pets, and anyone walking around or spending time on your property are at risk of exposure. Also, rain from your yard picks up the toxins and transports them to sewers and drains. It can also end up in water sources like wells and aquifers, which are where St. Petersburg residents draw their water from.

As you can see, this is problematic for health and wellness as well as the environment. Therefore, choose non-toxic, natural fertilizers. You can buy some at the store or online, or you can make your own by composting natural food scraps from around the house. Save the environment in more ways than one!

3. Get Regular Lawn Maintenance

With routine lawn maintenance, you can be sure that your yard is healthy and primed for growing lush and luxurious. With the help of Professor Green Thumb, you can easily keep your St. Petersburg property looking manicured and neat. Our specialists utilize professional experience, equipment, and tools to perfect your yard. We offer a variety of services to ensure that your property is has proper trimming, edging, mowing, weeding, and more. Contact us online or give us a call today at (727) 417-3311 to schedule an appointment!