Clearwater Landscapers: What to Expect

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Clearwater Landscapers: What to Expect

Landscapers are a little different than the average contractor; not only will they be outdoors, but they also won’t even be touching your house. The great thing about this relationship is that a landscaping project will not change your Clearwater home’s daily routine. The tricky thing is knowing how to maintain a working relationship with contractors who never enter your residence. Landscaping service specialists aren’t going to come into contact with the members of your household as much as remodeling crews; there is still enough reason to make sure the contact you do have with your landscaping crew is amicable.

What Clearwater Landscapers Expect From You

Home improvement contractors have an unwritten rule: if they are working outside, they don’t typically come into the house. And if they are working inside, then the proper custom is to offer the use of your home’s facilities. However, landscapers are doing a hard job, and a few indoor luxuries can go a long way in maintaining the contractor/homeowner relationship as well as keeping the project flowing smoothly.

Landscaping contractors are going to need some basic things to do their job:

  • Somewhere to get water
  • Some electrical outlets
  • Nearby parking spots
  • And possibly your bathroom

Landscaping is dirty work! Coming into the house during this time will lead to a few footprints on your floor. However, having the crew use the closest bathroom available is going to keep productivity rolling and, in the end, reduce total labor hours.

What You Should Expect from Clearwater Landscapers

The contractor/homeowner relationship goes two ways. If you are gracious to your crew, you should expect courtesy in return. Talk with the team leader to set up some rules. Immediately let the crew-leader know if certain things make you uncomfortable. If you have pets on your property in Clearwater, establish boundaries. While you might feel like you’re a little demanding, the contractors will often appreciate you taking the time to inform them.

It’s an excellent idea to set up meetings to review the project’s progress. On plans that will simply take a week to finish, consider daily meetings; for longer projects, weekly meetings may be enough to cover any new information. Take this time to voice any concerns or ask any questions. It’s also important to recognize the efforts of your landscaping crew. If they are performing a stellar job, let them know! Likewise, voice your opinion if their work is not up to your standards.

Professor Green Thumb’s Clearwater Landscaping Services

Professor Green Thumb’s expert landscapers offer complete installation services in the Clearwater and St. Petersburg area. By listening to your requests and working closely with you, our landscaping crew can help you create your ideal outdoor surroundings. We do it all — landscape design, pavers, lighting, fences, and cleanup.

If landscapers are what you’re looking for in Clearwater, contact Professor Green Thumb or call 727-417-3311 today.