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Tips for Perfect Patio Pavers Installation

Thinking about renovating your St. Petersburg patio, but not sure if you want to commit to caring for a wood deck? Professor Green Thumb's pavers installation is the perfect solution. Pavers are durable against the elements and the perfect choice for a backyard patio. There are hundreds of options to consider for pavers; they come [...]

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Three Types of Paver Installation

Many residents in St. Petersburg enjoy adding various additions and landscaping designs to their homes. After all, one’s home is an investment, and you should regularly update and maintain it to boost its value. Paver installation is the perfect way to provide a much-needed boost with minimal work and lower expenses. Natural Stone One of [...]

Paver Installation: Boost Curb Appeal with These 3 Tips

One of the great things about living in a subtropical climate is the ability to create a beautiful, vibrant yard. Lush green plants and nearly year-round warm weather lend themselves to fabulous yards that entice and captivate passersby. Curb appeal is one of those things homeowners pride themselves on, and any way to enhance the [...]