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Clearwater Landscapers: What to Expect

Landscapers are a little different than the average contractor; not only will they be outdoors, but they also won’t even be touching your house. The great thing about this relationship is that a landscaping project will not change your Clearwater home's daily routine. The tricky thing is knowing how to maintain a working relationship with [...]

Choosing a Landscaping Contractor: 3 Tips to Remember

You put a lot of work into your home, including cleaning, decorating, doing maintenance, and more. This includes yard work. Whether it’s planting flowers, edging your lawn, or adding a stone pathway, it requires time, effort, and money. Many people are too busy to put all the work into a project in order to make [...]

Finding a Landscaping Company Near Me

“What's the best landscaping company near me,” St. Petersburg residents ask. Invariably, they discover Professor Green Thumb. With more than 15 years of service in the Tampa Bay area, Professor Green Thumb has landscaped, transformed, and beautified homes of every size and structure. Shannon Smithson and his team of experts combine an eye for aesthetic [...]

Local Landscaping Services: The Keys to Beautification

A beautifully landscaped yard is a work of art. At Professor Green Thumb, we see every yard as a blank canvas. Among our local landscaping services is the ability to see through your eyes and make your vision a reality. Like most landscapers, we tend to paint with a green palette; if you desire a [...]

The Benefits of Hiring Landscaping Contractors

Yard work is hard work. St. Petersburg is a beautiful city, of course. But the same sun that gives us such rich, warm weather also beats down mercilessly. Keeping your landscaped home or business maintained isn't a simple DIY chore. Professor Green Thumb and his crew are landscaping contractors who follow the project from concept [...]

With Landscape Design, the Choices Are All Yours

The aesthetics of your yard are important to you. Sometimes it takes more than planting a tree here, and a line of shrubs there, and waiting for the grass to grow! Landscape design is an art form. From picking the perfect plants to the fine details of lighting, paving and even fence design, the artisans [...]

Professional Landscaping 101: Understanding St. Petersburg

Professional landscaping can mean different things to different people. In St. Petersburg, where the weather is almost always superb, the air clean and the water plentiful, so many plant varieties will thrive with minimal care and attention. Thank you, Mother Nature, but this isn’t necessarily a good thing for homeowners or business people; those who [...]

Unique Ideas for Yard Landscaping Services

Many homeowners in St. Petersburg look forward to spending their time in the beauty and comfort of their very own backyard. However, without the proper yard landscaping services, spending time outdoors can be more of a pain than a joy. Many people look to Professor Green Thumb to help design and maintain their lawns. We [...]

Professional Tree Trimming Services or DIY?

Plants in St. Petersburg have a way of getting out of hand without notice. An especially rainy week can create jungle-like vine production, and the branches of the dogwood in your backyard might look overcrowded. After all, keeping your Acacias and Sparkleberrys pruned throughout the year isn’t easy because life happens. You might get assigned [...]

Three Types of Paver Installation

Many residents in St. Petersburg enjoy adding various additions and landscaping designs to their homes. After all, one’s home is an investment, and you should regularly update and maintain it to boost its value. Paver installation is the perfect way to provide a much-needed boost with minimal work and lower expenses. Natural Stone One of [...]