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Clearwater Landscapers: What to Expect

Landscapers are a little different than the average contractor; not only will they be outdoors, but they also won’t even be touching your house. The great thing about this relationship is that a landscaping project will not change your Clearwater home's daily routine. The tricky thing is knowing how to maintain a working relationship with [...]

Eco-Friendly Lawn Maintenance: 3 Tips for Success

Modern developments in science and biology have given us a broad range of tools and products to keep our homes and yards weed-free, lush green environments. Any homeowner can buy weed killer, pesticides, fertilizer, and more at the nearest big box store. However, many of these products use toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients that can [...]

Unique Ideas for Yard Landscaping Services

Many homeowners in St. Petersburg look forward to spending their time in the beauty and comfort of their very own backyard. However, without the proper yard landscaping services, spending time outdoors can be more of a pain than a joy. Many people look to Professor Green Thumb to help design and maintain their lawns. We [...]

4 Backyard Landscaping Themes to Look Into

If you like to add character to your living space, consider a theme for your backyard landscaping. Sure, there are plenty of standard approaches, like fencing, lighting, and paver stones. But what if you used these existing structures and components to add a personal touch? Not only would you have an area in St. Petersburg [...]

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